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What's Next for Africana Woman

Updated: May 16, 2021

Dear Africana Woman,

Hai my love. How has this week been for you? My son completed his Grade 7 and will move on to secondary next year AND it was his 13th birthday, so it was a series of events. Leavers party, graduation ceremonies, birthday celebrations etc. I am a bit salty with Google though. We use an app called Family Link that basically allows parents to moderate your child’s phone usage, like what type of apps he downloads, limits on screen time, locks the phone at bed time. Then on his 13th birthday, Google sends me a message that says, your son is now old enough to manage his own phone, so we are cutting the Family Link. I’m like at 13? Is this dude living in his own house, paying for his school fees, he’s not even 16 or 18 to be old enough to watch the rubbish that gets by on YouTube. Like, I am ready to send out a campaign and stinker. Maybe I am being paranoid, let me know. Somebody walk me off the edge of the cliff please.

Simultaneously between Chisamba and Lusaka, we completed the Audit your Business Workshop. Which was fantastic by the way. Majority of the ladies that started the workshop from day one came back every single day. That is a retention of about 90%. Which proved our content, and format is Gold. I will drop a few of the testimonials we received below. It was so heartwarming how in 5 days we developed a community which had an authentic beat to it. What day was it, I think Day 3 these ladies took over the Zoom call and would stay on to just chat with each other. Yah. If its the last day we almost spent 2 and a half hours on the call. I was like bye guys, but no one was leaving LOL. “Im like go. The workshop is done.” Ati No, we don’t want it to end.

Fortunately, the experience doesn’t end there. We are excited to launch the Africana Woman Visionaries, a network for female African Entrepreneurs who are building true wealth.

But let me back track first. You know when you are organising an event, and especially one like this one, you as the organiser do not have time to do the work yourself. I literally have to take time out to do the Audit for Africana Woman and figure out what is in store for 2021. I must say that planning for me always includes prayer, consulting Spirit and the big Guy to check on whether I am released to do my plans or whether I should not touch it with a ten foot pole. Full disclosure I have not yet done the Audit yet. However, there are some things that I know for sure right now. And I wanted to share with you what is in store for Africana Woman. But also to hear your thoughts on what interests you.

  1. Starting 1st January, 2021 all events will have an entrance fee. We host numerous afrocentric talks around culture, money, mental health, basically life.

  2. Africana Woman Visionaries launches on 1st January too. There are so many benefits to joining this network. Above all is my dedication to your results. African women from across the world are welcome to join.

  3. Guys are seeing all the magic happening in Africana Woman and are kinda feeling some way about it. So there has been a call for a male focused platform. I’m like hmmm God. Should we be developing Africana Men?

So at the core of what I do is I curate safe spaces for African Women to embrace wealth; in your money, health, relationships, faith, and purpose.

Now here is what I would love to know from You:

  1. What topics would you like us to talk about at the events?

  2. Who would you like us to interview?

Please do send me your suggestions and we will work on getting them on the calendar.

In the meantime, the Africana Woman Visionariesis Open for Admissions. Do check it out and share this with women you think would be a right fit for this. Here is a video explaining what the network is.

We have a Founders special that you want to take advantage of that expires on 15th December, 2020. So definitely jump on that. If you still have questions catch me in the DMs on Instagram @Chulu_byDesign. Or drop a note in the comments and I will get back to you. Gurl this is probably the shortest post that I have done. Which is always my goal but they tend to be longer, so I am quite proud of myself. If you are new here, thank you and welcome. We have lots of love for you here. To all the Live hard readers that come back week after week, thank you for your continued support. Really do appreciate you. I hope you have a fantastic week ahead. Remember, my desire for you is that you love yourself flaws n all and attract the life that you desire.

Mwuah (kiss)


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