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Affordable Therapy

Dear Africana Woman,

At our last Book Review, someone said something that has stuck with me. We were discussing the book Black Cake which is about a mother who shares some life confessions with her children after she has passed away. The question was, why did she wait until that moment to tell them the truth when she could have said something when she was alive.

Then someone commented and I am paraphrasing, "I imagine it would have been very difficult for her to open up to her children especially because our parents never had the tools that we have now to help with healing from traumas. We have therapy, we have the internet to search for things, we have information on our fingertips .... we have spaces like these (the book club) which is therapy in itself. Whereas she had to hide who she was with no where to turn to for help."

That statement really made me stop and think. The Book Club is a form of therapy. Hmm many programs under the Africana Woman umbrella really do act as a form of affordable therapy. Granted when I was starting Africana Woman that was not my intention but the truth is healing comes in many forms. There is no one way to find the help you need. There are many paths to getting the help you need.

Whilst of course I advocate for seeking professional help, the reality is that it may not be an option for you at the moment because of financial constraints or personal preferences to your learning style. This does not mean that you cannot get any help of any sort.

Therefore, I am very proud that Africana Woman in its many forms can serve as an option for Affordable Therapy. To meet you where you are.

Some of my favourite things about Africana Woman are:

  1. The multi generational mix of members. We have members of the community ranged between 19 -70 years of age. This makes for such vibrant conversations that bridge the generational divide.

  2. We are women first before anything else. This is a space where people do not wear titles. I am so and so. Everyone introduces themselves by their first name regardless of age or rank. There is a sense of harmony from just being women

  3. We go deep quick. I imagine if you are joining us for the first time it might be surprising how open, honest, authentic and vulnerable the conversations are. I love it. I love that we can speak to each other respectfully about all sorts of topics

  4. Peer to peer learning accelerates your growth. When you do one to one therapy there is a limitation to the amount of information you are receiving because it is tailored to one person, you. Whereas in a group, you get to learn from other women's comments, experiences and questions you may not have thought to ask.

The Africana Woman Festival which is on the 2-3 August, 2024 at Chena Art House, Nkwashi is an open invitation to you to come experience healing conversations. To allow yourself to be free, open an honest. To have tough self reflection in a safe environment. You may not be able to afford to come for one of our Wellness Retreats yet or take some of our Courses. However, the Festival really is an Affordable Therapy option. Don't get me wrong it is not going to be all serious on all two days. It's a festival, we are definitely going to have a ton of fun.

You can get your tickets on our website:

There are options for mobile money or paying with your card

Let me know if you have any questions at

Otherwise, please remember to love yourself flaws n all and design a life you absolutely desire.


13 July, 2024...................Africana Woman Visionaries Luncheon

2-3 August, 2024.............Africana Woman Festival

26 - 31 August, 2024 ..... Wellness Retreat, Lake Tanganyika


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Take care


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