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For African Women on the African Continent and in the Diaspora who are on a journey of Self Love, Health & Wealth

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Wellness Retreat

Rest | Reflect | Reconnect
Africana Woman Wellness Retreats are the perfect opportunity to pour into your cup and practice self care.

2024 we are going to:​

  • Lake Tanganyika, Zambia 26/08

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Create a strong foundation for growing your Personal Brand:

  • 10 modules

  • 6 International Instructors

  • Worksheets & Assignments

  • Online Program 

Next Cohorts - 5 May | 5 Aug  | 5 Nov

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Are you looking for a Safe Space, Radical Accountability and a Sisterhood of African women? You are in the right place

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A unique convergence of ambitious, strategic, early-stage, and mid-level women in the impact sector, championing fun, relaxation, and genuine dialogue in a judgment-free zone, fostering purposeful networking and egalitarian leadership.

Lusaka 30 March, 2024 - Lilayi Lodge


Are you ready to live life by your design?

Do you want to break out of survival mode and begin to really thrive?

Are you ready to discover yourself?

Do you want to know who you are beyond the titles and roles?

Make a decision to do something different today

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Current Show in Season on the Africana Woman Network

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A groundbreaking podcast that celebrates African Female Authors


Feeling overwhelmed, paralysed or unsure of what to do and you need to regulate your emotions? This session will calm your nervous system

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Are you feeling stuck in any area of your life from your work, relationships, spirituality  or fitness. 
Watch this masterclass to shift from Stuck to Unstoppable.


Get a checklist of things you can put in place to make your podcast launch much smoother.

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Become a blog contributor.

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Africana Woman Network 

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Africana Woman Network 


Africana Woman Network

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Get more resources and information on how you can embody self love, health and wealth

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