Updated: May 16, 2021

Dear Africana Woman,

Hey Sis how are you?

Today was an odd day. My morning routine usually includes bible study, prayer, journaling and recording Good Morning Beautiful messages. This morning I was running late so I just managed to record the voice note for the Beauties and rushed out the door. At work, it was only then that I noticed that one I had left my phone charger, which I carry religiously in my bag, and I had carried my bible and journals. I remember thinking, “hmm How odd”

After work, I rushed to one of the two baking shops in town. It is quite a busy little store. I parked right next to the gate. I was listening to a podcast with Pastor Darius Daniels interviewing Tasha Cobbs. So I pulled out my headphones and connected it to my phone, pulled out my purse and the shopping list. When I was in the shop I gathered what I needed but realised that I was short on cash and wanted to send the balance with a mobile app which was on a phone that I left in the car. So I rushed outside opened the car and ….

Nothing. Simply that. Nothing. No bag where I left it. No bag in the front, No bag in the back. I even check the boot. Nothing. Im like I know I did not go in the shop with the bag but I go in to check whether I had put it down somewhere. Nothing. Okay. The only conclusion is that it has been stolen. The shop has cctv cameras, so I ask them to check. Then a young woman comes to ask me whether I had left my car open because she saw some men by my car and they run off down the road. I shrugged my shoulder at the confirmation, I had been robbed. Then I continued with my day.

You see I have always said that I feel sorry for someone who tries to rob me. If a thief came to my house they would literally be disappointed. There is nothing of monetary value, No TV, No sound systems, No video games….I do have three huge fridges filled with cakes, so good luck to them moving those out. So my handbag is no different. On my person remember, I carried my headphones, my purse and my phone. I love me the headphones, my purse has my cards and national ID (Gurl nobody wants to go deal with government offices) and cash. And my phone is my office or the gateway to the world.

They run off with my handbag but when they finally got to examine the contents they must have been soooooo disappointed. They stole my Bible. If that is not God, I don’t know what is. He orchestrated an encounter with those men. Think about it, it took time, to practice how to break into a car. They took time to watch my movements. They planned how they would audaciously break into a car in a very public space, right at a busy entrance with cameras, so they had to move fast and make a fast get away. They used up their energy running away with the prized purse, adrenaline pumping in their bodies about how successful they were. I can imagine them huddling round the bag to share out their prize. It feels heavy after all, this would be good. They open it up to find…

God says Hello. Sure there were a couple of journals, my son’s phone with a broken screen and keys to an office in Fort Knox, all replaceable. Therefore, the most valuable content was the Bible, the living Word. God loves these men so much he orchestrated an encounter with them. Babe I NEVER carry my Bible. I ALWAYS carry my charger. If I had lost my charger, I won’t lie this would have been a funeral. But you see He works ALL things for my good. I am still in possession of everything I need to function as a human being. There is no damage to my car. I am not physically harmed. This was never about me. It was