Build a Lifestyle

Updated: May 16, 2021

Dear Africana Woman,

How are you? We are literally a few weeks away from ushering in a new year. What are your plans for the end of the year? Drop them in the comments. I must say this last week has been at a welcome slow pace. Maybe too slow. Let’s do a quick recap. I went for a women’s networking event (I know! I am still trying until I find my tribe). I am actually attending another one today. I think the ladies had interesting stories to share but there was not much new content I could personally learn and apply to my own ventures. I am also doing a birthday photoshoot….

Oh jeez let me tell you my clothing Disasters. There was a day I decided to dress up because I usually dress down. You see in my office when I am dressed up they ask me, where are you going, I used to look at them confused and answer, “Work.” Anyway, I have given up. On this day I dressed up, even slapped on a ka lipstick. I get to the office and as I am jumping out of the car I notice that I am still wearing my house flip flops and I had not exchanged them for my work sandals. I was like I am not going back and I walked into that office as if I was wearing Prada. Okay a couple days later I wear a black trousers, its kinda snug but if I sit down it won’t rip at the back. You know how you do a, ‘Can I sit’ test of your clothes sometimes. It passed. I get to the office not more than 10 minutes and the zip broke, then I am told we are going off site to do marketing research at multiple locations. Here’s the thing, even if I wanted to go home and change there was nothing to change into, everything doesn’t quite fit. So I decided my top was long enough and I could get away with it. And that’s what I did. Babe, how are you regulating your weight ayi? Well truth is I am not exercising the way I used to. Anyway, I have got to figure this out.

I have also been on a mission to dye my hair white or grey. Yeah, I know, so sexy. I asked around for references. Funny enough both were men. The only problem is the supply of stock is limited, so the only colours available are blonde. That’s not my WhatsApp group so kaya I will just have to wait patiently. Any tips on your experiences with dying short natural hair are most welcome.

Ooooo then I started Good Morning Beautiful on the first day of this month. This is something I do with the ladies I work with. It is basically journal prompts with instructions of exercises or action points, in the form of voice notes. Whenever, we are winding down the KNOW your Purpose programs, I ask for feedback. These voice notes are consistently the part of the program that the ladies say they will miss the most. Now, I have seen how many countries are going back into lockdowns as winter fast approaches, there is tension around the US elections and quite frankly every woman has had their sanity tested this year. So I decided it would be something nice to open up to the public. For about 3 minutes every morning, you get a reminder of how amazing you are. If you are receiving Good Morning Beautiful messages let everyone know how it’s going in the comments. And my Darling you are more than welcome to join any single day. Even if its day 29. Okay? Cool. You do need WhatsApp though.

Fantastic. Now you are all caught up. I made some business cards that I absolutely adore. On them are three slogans that I would love to explain to you why I chose them. The business card says Hey Beautiful with one of three slogans below:

Less Heels, More Healing - listen in some form or another we are all broken because we were raised by broken people. The sooner you can come to that realisation the less agony you will be in. What tends to happen is we think that purchasing external pleasures will ‘fix’ our brokenness. We chase after money and throw it at our problems. Buying all sorts of things; the cars, the house, the designer bags, shoes and perfumes, international trips and so on. Hoping they will validate your success, existence and self-worth. The truth is you should first be spending less on materialistic things, and invest more into getting the help that you need. I am an avid mental health advocate however, help does not always require medical assistance. Sometimes you need help to change your mindset and limiting beliefs. This can be done through coaching programs either in group settings or one on one. So figure out what area in your life you should heal. It can be one area at a time. Then kick your heels off and lie down on the proverbial couch.

N here is the real kicker, it’s inevitable you will f*@& up your child/ren because you are not perfect. That is just the journey they are meant to travel. Do your best, but don’t beat yourself up about it.

You Got This, Level Up - if you follow me then I hope you are striving for excellence and not perfection. Pleas