Her Eye is on Africa

Updated: May 16, 2021

Dear Africana Woman,

How are you my Darling? I have missed you so much. I feel like I walked through a furnace in October, figuratively and literally and by grace I survived. I am so excited to be back to normal. Well my normal hahahaha.

I have a gift for you. In the month of November, you can receive motivational messages delivered right to your phone first thing in the morning. To get in on this all you have to do is join my WhatsApp group called Good Morning Beautiful. Only I as the admin will be able to post, so fear not, you won’t be flooded with 1000's of messages, but you will get a reminder every day of just how amazing you are with some actionable tips to make your day productive. Join by clicking here. I cannot wait. This is something that I do with the ladies I coach and without fail it is the number one thing they love and miss the most. So if this isn’t your jam, that’s okay but tell someone else about it or post it on your social. Let’s share a little sunshine.

Alright, I need your help on this next one. Can I have a show of hands if you are tired of going to women’s networking events that are cute but the content is basic? I mean, have you been to events, where you are excited about the line up of prolific women speakers only to start listening to them speak and you think “I am way past that stage.” Or on the flip side are you always the one up on the stage speaking, always the one reaching behind to pull other women up, as you are breaking glass ceilings?

But … where do YOU go, to have your cup filled? Who inspires You? Who expands Your way of thinking? Who pushes the limits of Your thought process? Who do you sit down with to have the next level of conversations that are down to the nitty gritty? You are no longer floundering in your business and career; systems have been set up, in fact your eco-system is generating a profit. Therefore, the type of conversations you are yearning for address things like where to find the best talent, retention strategies, how to inject more capital in your business, what does it take to secure venture capital, what trends in the market are worth pursuing or letting pass as a phase, what strategies are effective in an African context and essentially how can you be disruptive enough that it can be felt at the global scale.

Essentially what is happening now is that as good intentioned as the women’s empowerment events/conferences/workshops/and seminars are, they are flawed because they plonk all the women in one space but deliver content at the beginner level. It is like chewing bubble gum; they get you hyped up with inspiration but the excitement dies very quickly after the event because they have not actually given you practical tools that you can take action on. Ultimately, there is no differentiation of the audiences actual needs and as a high performing woman you are subjected to a one size fits all treatment.

Yet I am convinced there is a group of women craving for more. I am not talking about a social club, which are a dime a dozen. You already have your circle of friends, which is great. To be honest, I imagine what you have right now is a group of maybe 5 women, if you are lucky, wh