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How to Stop Procrastinating on your dream

Dear Africana Woman

How are you? I hope you are doing great.

Do you know how and why Africana Woman started? Let me tell you as quick as I can:

  • 2018 - I was living and working in Lusaka, Zambia's capital city, working in a good paying job, my son was at a prestigious boarding school, had the cars, great neighbourhood, my cake business was also booming. But I was not fulfilled. I was depressed, experienced anxiety attacks, and I was exhausted.

  • POV - I felt that there was more to life and that I was called to greatness. However, my life had become a monotonous cycle of work, home, work, home. I just could not see a way out. Truth be told I was too exhausted to think straight. My son was at a boarding school which meant I barely saw him and even when he was home I was too busy working or too tired to be present. Also as a single mother I had a lot of shame, mum guilt and concern about ruining my sons life because this job afforded us a certain lifestyle. It felt like a catch 22. I was also experiencing a health crisis with life threatening low levels of hgb. Can anyone relate?

  • Mid 2018 - I locked myself in my flat for three days straight. All I did was cry. Didn't eat, Didn't bath. Barely slept. On the third day I realised that ENOUGH was ENOUGH, i needed to find a solution

  • Fast forward to Dec 2021 - I quit my job, left the bustle of the busy city, and decided to bet on myself as I pursue building Africana Woman. I live in a small town surrounded by nature. My work is primarily online so I can work almost anywhere in the world. I eat fresh fruits from the garden daily, My son has been transitioned into homeschooling, so we can now travel together.


I became super intentional about how I NOURISHED my mind body and soul. I asked for help from a therapist. I found mentorship and community in a paid program called Mastery & Momentum. They helped me give myself permission to imagine a different way to do life

In the program I began to understand and embody self love by KNOWING who I am and whose I am. This led me to figure out my values, what I want and don't want in life and much more.

I realised that life is not meant to be done alone. I learned to attract amazing friends. I learned to ask for help from my community. I learned that asking for help isn't a WEAKNESS but a strength. In fact, there are people that are already where I want to go and can help me get there faster because of their experience.

Finally, I had an honest conversation with myself and spirit. I was called to something different but because of fear and a sense of feeling safe in a space I know, getting a guaranteed cheque at the end of the month, I was not willing to leave, even though it was literally killing me. I decided to OPERATE IN OBEDIENCE to the will of God over my life and surrender.

When I say KNOW your Roots, Grow your Purpose, this is actually my lived experience.


My zone of genius is in creating communities. I realised that I was called to serve African Women to relearn how to be each others keeper.

We live in a society that continually tells us that women cannot work together, women bring each other down, we may even have been hurt by women so we say things like I only get along with men. Yet this world has been designed for men to thrive and women to survive.

This is what I KNOW to be true, when you put more money into women's hands the community as a whole heals, it gets better. However, trying to build true generational wealth as a woman is HARD if you try to do it alone. not impossible, definitely hard.

Instead, I decided to create a community called Africana Woman, where

  • Women can come together and genuinely celebrate each others wins without feeling threatened that there is not enough for you to also win.

  • A community where women collaborate with one another to make a bigger impact.

  • A community where you are connected with like minded and like hearted women who have BIG Audacious goals and are not afraid to pursue them.

Whilst we have many free resources including our award winning podcast, Africana Woman with Chulu and the Book Club.

We also have our paid membership called Africana Woman Visionaries.

click to JOIN AWV

Already I can see some people shrinking back from a paid membership. Let me be honest with you here:

  1. If you are hesitating to support a black female owned business, you are part of the reason why Black Women are the least paid in the world

  2. When you pay for a program, or an item (vs when you get it for free), you show up different. Because you know that you put money down, you want to get the most out of your investment

  3. You are your most valuable asset. Your life, your business, your career will only grow as much as you are willing to invest in yourself to grow, heal and become a better version of yourself

So if you are not ready to turn your life around you probably want to stop reading here.

But if you have gotten this far, you are probably at the stage in your life of ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

I want you to understand this; Your Overall Wellness Directly Affects Your Ability to Build Wealth

That is why Africana Woman Visionaries (AWV) has been designed to bring together African Women both on the continent and in the diaspora, who want to level up their life and also prioritise your health (mental, physical, spiritual, emotional & financial).

click to JOIN AWV

As an AWV member you get to experience:

  1. Masterclasses from world renowned leaders & coaches

  2. Intentionally work on your Vision in our virtual co-working spaces

  3. Make weekly upgrades to your behaviour and habits with our journal prompts

  4. Interact and learn from the other visionaries through our private members platform

  5. Level up your network aka networth in the company of game changers

  6. Access to the extended episodes of the Africana Woman with Chulu podcast

  7. Early bird access to other Africana Woman programs including retreats, courses, and challenges.

The women that are attracted to Africana Woman Visionaries are from all over the world and are building phenomenal solutions that this world needs.

I am totally biased in believing that every African Woman should be part of AWV. However, I have also prayed that God sends women who believe in our mission and are all in to growing empires in the company of fellow African sisters.


We have an early bird membership running until the 28th February, 2023 for:

$5/month or $50/year

On the 1st March, 2023 our regular membership will become active at:

$50/month or $500/year

AWV will never be at the early bird price again.

Again I am biased, I think you should get in now. There are two more days in February.

click to JOIN AWV

Please do not feel FOMO. Africana Woman Visionaries will continue to accept new members after February. You can join anytime. We are going to be here when you are ready.

To conclude, I am inviting you to give yourself permission to believe that

You can live a different way.

You can design a life that you absolutely love.

and You can build an empire with women who genuinely want the best for you.

Make the choice today.

Love you loads,


Africana Woman Founder

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