Why didn't they tell you?

Dear Africana Woman,

I want to be deep, but probably won’t succeed. These last few months I have been grappling with being an entrepreneur. I know we like to talk about the highlights and the mega successful people but the reality is there are also challenging moments that nobody talks about because no one wants to air their dirty laundry. But not here lol. I will share three with you briefly today.


Financial experts advise that everyone should make a budget for their money. This allows you to give instructions to each kwacha or dollar on what it’s supposed to be doing. Listen, as an entrepreneur, as far as my experience goes, I am making a budget on a projection of how much I am going to make. Manje when the money doesn’t come through, and there was nothing you could do about it, what do you do? Make a budget, Make a budget ….. I am literally budgeting air. But people still have to be paid at month end, bills still need to be paid. I want to hear from entrepreneurs. Please if you have a 9-5 and you are working for some bodie, this question is not for you. Entrepreneurs, Boss Babes, Ma Bosses help a sister out how do you budget aii?

I get it that budgeting is easy if you are starting with capital and you have space to breath. However, some of us are old school. I believe you don’t always have to wait on capital to start a business, you can provide a service. But when you hit a bad month or a snag, it’s like you are eating impwa, it’s bitter af. Anyway, I expect answers in the comments, because I do not have a solution for you here. The truth is the majority of us do not have starting capital for our businesses. We just have to brave it.