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Dear Africana Woman,

AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! I am back. I have missed you. I don’t know if you have missed me as much as I missed you. Listen I tried to write to you earlier but the team said I had to wait until the website was officially launched. So alas I could not write and tell you all the scoop. But I am here today so all is good.

First of all what have you been up to? How are you doing? If you are in the southern hemisphere winter is settling in and it’s coooooold. These days a blanket is far from me. It’s a necessity. No matter where you are I hope you have something to smile about today.

To be honest, I am currently in self isolation because I was exposed to a certain virus we won’t name. And I posted a picture of me smiling with the caption I hope you have something to smile about today. And my sister sent me a message saying “You are a very happy isolator.” And the truth is I really am Happy. Whilst a number of things could get me down, I am choosing to smile about the things that make me happy.

For starters I have a gratitude journal that I write in every morning. If you do not already do this, I recommend that you start today. I think about how the previous day went and I choose to be grateful for the things that went well. Lazy people would say they have the same things to be grateful for each day so what is the point of doing this. But every day is different. Every day something new happened, so there is a plethora of things to be grateful for. This practice really helps me to see joy and not wallow in sorrow.

Here are 3 things that are making me smile.


The Africana Woman website has launched! Not only does it house everything Africana Woman in one space, it is GORGEOUS. A couple months back I kind of stumbled into rebranding. I had the brilliant idea to change the cover art for the podcast. Then I realised that I had to update a number of sites and social media platforms. Then when I looked at the website I realised it only had the blog, when there is so much more to the portfolio now. There is the podcast, the visionaries and the events. So I went about looking for someone who could help me update the website. Now people were telling me to do it myself. Friend you know me, when something is not my ministry I do not force matters. I was like no I do not want to learn how to be a web designer when I can delegate that to someone else. So I ended up asking Ulendo Creative Media, the company that produces the podcast, to do the website, because they are familiar with the branding and know my aesthetics. When the produced the first iteration of the website, I was blown away and I knew we were on the right track. The final version if I must say so myself is Functional and Gorgeous. It has afrocentric vibes weaved all through the website. You can see what events are coming up and register from the site. You can read the blogs, and they are divided by categories. You can binge listen to the podcast. Babe everything is at the tip of your fingertips. So from here on out if you need to tap into anything Africana Woman, just come straight to We got you. If you have not already do go look at it. We also have a gift for you which I hope you enjoy.


2000. The Africana Woman with Chulu podcast has just crossed the mark of 2000 downloads. And we are just about to release the 30th episode. I am all about celebrating every small win. Imagine this with me; a random chick in Zambia decided to start a podcast. She is not well known, she’s not a celebrity. She just has a story to tell. So 10 months ago she clicked the publish button and the podcast was sent out to the world. After nine episodes, she hit a bump in the road and for a few months it was uncertain as to whether this podcast would go any further. But she persevered and now the podcast has been listened to in 58 countries. The stories have been downloaded over 2000 times. Listen, from zero to 2000, to that chick who doubted anyone would ever listen, that is huge. So now I am going for 5000. The next milestone I will announce is when we hit 5000 downloads. Guys its not easy. But it is so worth it and this really has plastered a big smile on my face. The 30th episode is a solo episode. If you listen to the podcast you will know that I never do solo episodes. But I stepped out of my comfort zone and did it. Please do listen and let me know what you think. Thanks Darling.


My village. So I am not one of those people that needs tons of people in their lives. But in the last year my village has been growing in quality. I think people like to focus on the numbers but I have learned to value the quality. I think it’s great to be able to be honest and authentic with your people. I can go to them and say I am having a mental breakdown and not feel like I am being a burden. Or to say these are my wins and not feel like we are in competition with each other. I am also a part of a brilliant group of African Female Podcasters who have seriously levelled me up in terms of what I can expect from myself and the excellence I can present to the world. The things they are doing in podcasting I did not even know were possible. And when I see all the people in my village winning it puts a big smile on my face. I hope you have an inner circle that keeps you grounded, knowing that there is room for all of you to succeed.

Yeah. Those are examples of my gratitude journal entries. Well I don’t write paragraphs about them. I just list 5 things every day. Every day it’s five new things. Every day I choose to see the brighter side of things. Every day I choose to focus on joy. That is why I smile. Try it.

Well my love, this is it for today. I hope you have a fabulous week. Remember, a new love letter is sent to you every Thursday. If you are new here, welcome luv. Please do subscribe so as it is delivered right to you. To my live hard readers I love you. Thank you for coming back week after week. Now that you are done reading it’s time to browse the website. You might discover something that could help you that you did not even know about. Please share it with your tribe and lets help each other grow and build a legacy for future generations. Y’all know my playground is Instagram. Feel free to drop me a line @Chulu_byDesign. I respond to everything. For all time, remember, love yourself flaws n all and attract the life you truly desire. From one Legacy Builder to another.



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