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africana woman

We exist to help African Women embody self love, health & wealth

Hello Beautiful,

Welcome to Africana Woman, the premier global network for African Women. 

You are an Africana Woman because you desire a Life you absolutely Love. Therefore, you are intentional about pursuing abundant wealth in:

  • your self love

  • your relationships

  • your spirituality

  • your pursuit of purpose

  • your financial freedom

You also believe in leaving an inheritance of generational wealth and not debt.

Wherever you are on this journey we are here to:

  • Create safe spaces for your transformation

  • Connect you with a global community of like minded African women

  • Celebrate you and keep cheering you on 

You are not alone.

Your Options


AWV Retreat 2022 (14).jpg

Africana Woman Retreats 2023 are designed specifically with you the African Woman, who is busy juggling so many balls at the same time.

We are inviting you to take a proper break, and asking you to give us permission to pamper you. You will also have the headspace from the peace & quiet to focus on you. 

AWV Retreat 2022 (9).jpg

Do you want to start a podcast?

Africana Woman is on a mission to amplify 1000 African Women's stories. We can help you:

Set up your podcast

Brand your podcast

Social Media Management

Podcast Editing

AWV Retreat 2022 (13).jpg

The AW Book Club is a great way to get back into reading consistently. Every month we select a new book of the month to read. However, the real highlight of the club, are the book reviews. The conversations are lively, animated, relatable and help us navigate our own personal human experiences. 

AWV Retreat 2022 (10).jpg

Workshop series for Women Circles to upgrade their connection, communication, goal setting & accountability.

Friends | Family | Workmates

AWV Retreat 2022 (11).jpg

Chulu Chansa, the founder of Africana Woman, is a Transformational Speaker who combines charm with the highest level of professionalism.

 She delivers thought provoking talks with a touch of humour and an all inclusive approach.

Speaking topics:

  1. Forgiveness

  2. Self Love

  3. Emotional Intelligence

  4. Living life by design

  5. Transition from abroad to Africa

AWV Retreat 2022 (5).jpg

The AWV Membership is a space to Connect, Collaborate and Celebrate with like minded women. Our Community focuses on a healthy mind, body and spirit as a means to building wealth.


podcast network

AW Podcast Artwork (7).jpg

Africana Woman is the only podcast that gives African Women a space to just BE.

Hosted by Chulu, who is an award winning podcaster, storyteller & wellness entrepreneur.

Chulu has insightful conversations with inspiring African women about what it takes to embody self love, health and wealth


If you want to stop existing and start thriving, join the Africana Woman movement 

Share the podcast with an African sis who needs her weekly dose of African spice.



The Africana Woman Blog helps you navigate your wealth from a holistic point of view. We talk about Identity, Relationships, Spirituality, Mental Health, Physical Health, Finances and we laugh. A LOT. 


africana woman visionaries

Africana Woman Visionaries or AWV is a sisterhood that pursues Self Love, Health & Wealth.

True wealth springs from an aligned body, soul and mind. We also believe that you don't have to be on your personal growth journey alone.

We stand on three pillars:

  1. Connection

  2. Celebration

  3. Collaboration


What you will get:

  • Monthly Masterclass with International Experts & Coaches & access to Library of past masterclasses

  • Access to the private AWV platform to network & interact

  • VISION HOUR - Virtual Co-working Space available twice a week

  • Listen to the Extended interviews of the Africana Woman Podcast

  • Access to the Quarterly Mixer - virtual networking event

  • Weekly Journal prompts

  • First dibs on the annual Workshops, Courses & Retreats

  • Access to the AWV member Directory

  • Access to the AWV Book Club


Upcoming Events

    Sat, 22 Jul
    Naboye, Kafue Hills
    22 Jul, 6:00 am – 23 Jul, 3:00 pm
    Naboye, Kafue Hills, Kafue River, Zambia
    The Worthy Walk shall help you: - tap into your inner strength and intuition - embrace who you are called to become - believe you are worthy The 1 Night, 2 days Retreat is inclusive of meals, camping gear (two share a tent), guided hiking tour and retreat program
  • REINVENTION: Write a New Story
    18 Aug, 12:00 pm – 20 Aug, 3:00 pm
    The Reinvention Retreat is for you if you want to: understand the stories that are holding you back release yourself by rewriting your story The 2 Nights, 3 days Retreat is inclusive of meals, accommodation at Kiambi Safari Lodge and guided writing & group reflections.
    Sun, 17 Sept
    Riad Mur Akush
    17 Sept, 6:00 am – 22 Sept, 9:00 pm
    Riad Mur Akush, Marrakesh, Morocco
    In To Me See (or intimacy with self) is Africana Woman's signature retreat, which is about KNOWing who you are and discovering your Roots as an African Woman and then really embodying the knowing in your day to day life. This is perfect for you to rest, reflect and reconnect with yourself.
  • BECOMING: Founders Circle
    Fri, 13 Oct
    13 Oct, 12:00 pm – 15 Oct, 4:00 pm
    Livingstone, Livingstone, Zambia
    In Becoming you shall experience: the Hot seat Networking with change-makers Solutions from other industries you might not have thought of An environment to stimulate creative ideas Challenge yourself intellectually and be pushed out of your comfort zone to think bigger The 2 Nights, 3 days
    Sat, 11 Nov
    11 Nov, 12:00 pm – 13 Nov, 3:00 pm
    The Money, Mindset & Mission Retreat is designed for entrepreneurs, to use as a powerful tool to unlocking your: - relationship to money - leadership mindset - compelling reason you pursue a mission The 2 Night, 3 days Retreat is inclusive of meals, accommodation (2 people share a chalet)

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