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What's New in the Month of Lurv

Updated: Feb 4

Dear Africana Woman,

Happy new month of February. Gurl we made it through FIVE weeks of January. Give yourself a pat on the back because sho! Jan is long hey.

So I really want to come and tell you about what is happening in Africana Woman. Maybe even throw in my dating update 🥰 Just playing but you never know keep reading.

I have A LOT to tell you. So let me give you a Content Table so as you skip to the parts you like:

  1. Visionaries Are Reaching for the Stars

  2. Personal Brand Course

  3. Retreats


  5. Season 5 of the Africana Woman Podcast

Let's get started.

Africana Woman Visionaries

Sis you are out here saying you are working on Personal Development but you haven't yet tapped into the Visionaries. HOW now? When I tell you the level of proudness I have for these women, it cannot be contained.

What is the Visionaries?

Our membership group of women who are actively pursuing wealth, integrating health in their lifestyle and getting back to their roots of self love. OMG

  • We have had several women start exercising regularly be it with a coach or self led. Winfridah is so proud to start her fitness journey

  • The Visionaries are stepping up their money game as we are follow Jane Mazimba's weekly money suggestions in her book Catching FIRE. Every week we hold each other accountable about our finances, give each other money tips and normalise talking about money.

  • We have a monthly masterclass with international coaches and experts. Plus they have access to the full library of past masterclasses. Beenzu said she is using last year's January masterclass to plan for this year.

  • We have weekly accountability calls to check on member's progress with their goals for the year.

This is just the tip of the iceberg with what happens in the Visionaries. I don't like to be a FOMO monger. But I really do believe that if this is your year for exponential growth, both personally and professionally, you are missing out by not being part of the Visionaries.

That is why our Valentine gift to you is a discount of the monthly membership from $50 to $25 (approx. K550). The time is now.

Africana Woman course

The Personal Brand Course is Back!

This course is so special to me because as someone who is somewhat allergic to surface conversations, I get to come along side you on your journey of personal discovery. It's intense, keeps you on your toes, and jam packed with knowledge. However, at the end you will always come back to yourself, your inner knowing, your inner wisdom.

Nolene from Cohort 1 said, "The course is far more than the term personal branding denotes on first reading, it is in fact a journey to oneself and a means of writing the story of one’s life from past to present to future. Intensive and highly thought provoking about the life one is living as opposed to just projecting. Loved it."

I guarantee, you will come out of the Personal Brand Course saying, "I never esperdit to be this deep." And I am committed to walking with you every step of the way.

Date: 5 March - 5 April, 2024

Format: 10 modules (2 per week) ONLINE classes

Okay this is where it guests juicy. In 2024 we are hosting three (3) Retreats and they are beautiful. Check them out:

Africana Woman retreat

First stop is the stunning coast of Kenya.

Program: Africana Woman Experience

Dates: 30 June - 4 July 2024

4 Nights, 5 Days

Inclusive of: Accommodation | Meals and Drinks | Guided Retreat | Mombasa Tour (includes Fort Jesus, Butterfly House, Bamburi Nature Trail, Haler Park & Likoni Ferry) | Traditional Dhow Boat Ride

Investment: $1500

Africana Woman retreat

Then we explore the enchanting Northern Circuit of Zambia

Program: Reinvention: Write a New Story

Dates: 26 - 31 August 2024

5 Nights, 6 Days

Inclusive of: Accommodation | Meals and Drinks | Guided Retreat | Lake Tanganyika | Shiwa Ngandu | Kabangama Hotspring & Waterfall

Investment: $570

Africana Woman retreat

The Finale is the breathtaking Umdloti Beach, 30mins north of Durban CBD in South Africa.

Program: Africana Woman Experience

Dates: 29 September - 3 October, 2024

4 Nights, 5 Days

Inclusive of: Accommodation | Meals and Drinks | Guided Retreat | Durban tour (includes Gandhi's House in Inanda Township, Umhlanga Promenade, KwaMuhle Museum, Botanical Gardens, Victoria St Market, Zulu Herb & Medicine Market, City, Moses Mabhida Stadium, and Ushaka Village Walk)

Investment: $1500

Can I tell you a secret? 90% of the women you see at our retreats utilised payment plans. It's all in the planning. For example do you know:

  • If you paid $188 for the next 8 months you will be strolling in Durban

  • or if you paid K2150 for the next 7 months you will be feeling the cool breeze rolling off Lake Tanganyika

Planning babe. That's all it takes. Don't wait for a windfall. Pay little by little consistently and voila you are off to an Africana Woman Retreat. So...

Africana Woman festival

All I am saying is if you do not aim BIG in life, then what's the point hey?


Africana Woman is officially in the Festival business

I wish you could see what I see in my mind. Call me an over achiever but my dreams are projected to me on a cinema screen.

  • 2 whole days

  • Local + International Speakers & Performers

  • The best female DJs in the business

  • Food Market

  • Multi Sensory Experiences

  • Live Podcast Recording (this time we are recording lol)

  • Book Cub Cocktail

  • Visionary Lunch

  • and so much more

Ma'am, you have to be there. I don't care what country or town you are from, you have to be theya. So far we have a location, to be announced soon. I can tell you it is in Lusaka, Zambia. We have confirmed 50% of the Performers and Speakers. Hah! It is going to be the event of the year. Mmmm.

So this is what you can do in the meantime

  • Follow us on Instagram @africanawomanfestival

  • Get on our Waiting List to be the first to hear updates about the festival and get early bird tickets

  • Read the Africana Woman Festival Proposal, especially if you would like to partner with us

Africana Woman lunch and learn

I am happy to report the #LunchandLearn Series has started off with an huge success. Our first city of 6 was Ndola.

We Lunched at Nsobe Game Camp, ideally set on the outskirts of the city, surrounded by thick greenery, rolling lawns that drop into peaceful lakes. When I tell you, that we Learned for 6 hours straight, I was shook to hear that the time was 4:30pm when I asked.

We sat on the lawn and talked, laughed, asked questions, ate good food. And essentially walked in as strangers and left as friends. What a beautiful experience. Look, I have organized my fair share of events, but this stood out from the rest by far. I am trying not to sound woo but it was like there was magic in the air.

As you know, we are taking Lunch and Learn to 6 cities, including:

  • Kabwe - 24 Feb

  • Lusaka - 29 Mar

  • Livingstone - 27 Apr

  • Solwezi - 18 May

  • Mongu - 01 June

Please don't say I never told you. Or that everything is always in Lusaka. We are coming right to your doorstep. What I did learn from Ndola is that this experience is best with few women. Therefore, we are only accepting 8 women per city. First come first served. You can get your ticket for any of the cities today

Africana Woman podcast

Last but possibly the most exciting news of all is Season 5 of the multi award winning Africana Woman Podcast launches on Wednesday, 7 February, 2024.

  • We are taking it to the next level

  • Make sure you subscribe and share

  • Go back and binge listen to the previous seasons

  • And brace yourself for our best season yet.

I told you I had a lot to say today. Everything is such delicious news, I couldn't wait to tell you.

Which event are you definitely coming to? Let me know by replying to this email. Also if you have any questions hun feel free to ask. Ok let me go.

Take Care


ps. This is for Ngosa, my first blind date came through

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