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I Am Not A Morning Person!

By Ilunga Mwila

I am not a morning person! This is what I believed about myself growing up. I am unsure where I got this notion or when I started identifying with it. I guess I must have spent enough time around people who were grumpy and didn’t speak in the morning and believed that to be true about the world.

Nothing has challenged my belief system and ideas about myself and the world around me like being an Entrepreneur! I read somewhere, "Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right!”. Only now do I truly understand the limitations we set on ourselves based on our mindset. There are many things I once thought to be true about myself and my abilities, and those thoughts limited my progress. I would tell myself I am not creative enough. I am not good with digital marketing or public speaking. I’m not a writer. And now here we are. Necessity is indeed the mother of invention because I’ve discovered skills and talents I didn’t even know I possessed!

I am not a morning person

A few days ago, a sister friend complimented my nurturing nature and ability to be patient and tolerant with her kids. I responded by saying; the truth is it’s a choice! Even the people we believe are not tolerant are capable, they just choose not to. I believe it’s the same thing with being a morning person. Even the most unpleasant people know how to prop themselves up and behave amicably when they see their Boss, a client they value, etc. It’s a choice. When we tell ourselves we are not a morning person we set limits on ourselves and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I AM a morning person. I am effervescent. I’m a timekeeper, a passionate foodie, and a self-care advocate. These are just some attributes I have chosen to identify with because they make me more effective in my daily routine. I believe mornings are the most beautiful part of the day! I’m human, I don’t always wake up grateful and excited for the day but I’m intentional about inviting joy into my life each day! I LOVE to watch a good sunrise so I get up early to run or walk and be at one with God. As I run/walk, I gather my thoughts and set my intention for the rest of the day. I CHOOSE to pour into myself so that when I interact with others, I pour from a place of abundance not lack. I’m capable, fully equipped, and able to handle whatever the day throws at me, through He that strengthens me.

By the time I answer that first phone call of the day, people usually say you’re so bubbly in the morning! I respond sweetly by saying I AM a morning person! Deep down I know I’m choosing to spread joy and happiness because everyone is going through something. Some days I fall off my fitness routine, and other times I wake up feeling like the world is against me, but I constantly remind myself that my only limitations are the ones I place on myself. The choice is always mine.

What are you choosing today?

I am not a morning person

Ilunga Mwila has a warrior mentality with a poet’s soul. She loves food, fashion, and podcasts. Connect with her on Instagram:

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21 авг. 2023 г.

DEEEEEEP!!! We certainly should not make confessions for ourselves based on society's norms. We must stay true to self.

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