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Your Gift Will Make Room for You

by Chulu Chansa

I have been thinking about how I found myself on the Women In the Boardroom stage organised by When Females Lead. I keep checking the pics to remind myself it really happened.

I have never really felt like I fitted into the corporate space. Where everyone is uniform in dark suits, there I am in the brightest chitenge. It always seemed like a mismatch.

And yet my friends and colleagues have been advising me to start working with corporates. But I just could not see how because of my non conformity.

So when I was invited to speak at Women in the Boardroom, there was still a little doubt nagging in the back of my mind. I was very clear that no one knew my name or why I was invited. They were excited to see the heavy weights, right.

But that day God showed me signs that I was exactly where I was supposed to be:

Firstly, my wristband broke. This is the only one piece of jewellery that I have worn every single day for the last 8 years. It says ‘Be the change that you want to see.’ When it broke I felt it in my spirit, God saying to me, “I am breaking something today and something better shall emerge.”

Then I saw Kawena, the Director of WIB, very early in the morning. She held my hands and said lets pray. The woman prayed a powerful intercessory prayer over me. She also told me, Be you. Again I felt it in my spirit, God saying, “I am with you”

Your gift will make room for you

Kawena Mofya Mwansa and Chulu Chansa

Later on at the event, after a couple of speakers had spoken I started panicking. Thinking what I had prepared was not good enough and needed to be changed. Then the DJ played Jireh. Sis I have been listening to this exact song for the last few weeks on repeat. I was like oh, “You have done the preparation, let God do the rest”

Now Coach Sydney and I were the last two sessions. However, the program had gone over the time and it had run wayyyyyy into lunch. So the organisers switched up the format at the last minute. Did I not panic. I kept thinking this is NOT what I prepared for. God you said you got this. WHAT is this!”

Your gift will make room for you

Mizinga Melu, Coach Sydney Kamanga and Chulu Chansa

So we sit down on the stage. Mizinga Melu, Coach Sydney and myself. Mrs. Melu then asks me one question. To be honest I do not remember what the question was. I picked up the mic, first it was not on so no one could hear me. I turned it on. Then I turned to face the audience and said, “Good afternoon. My name is Chulu …………” Friend I have no idea what I said after that.

I remember making eye contact with Kawena to my left. But that’s about it. What I can say for sure is there was an energy emanating from within me and I felt it expanding the more I spoke.

When I concluded, I finally understood that my gift is not meant to be limited to one group. It is a universal gift of storytelling that sets free vulnerability and healing. I am not even sure my words clearly explain this KNOWING that I have. But I am now certain, I am meant to be in all the rooms God calls me to.

Later that day, my friend sent me Proverbs 18:16 - A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.

Simply put Your Gift Will Make Room For You

God did just that.

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Bwalya Mulenga
Bwalya Mulenga
Jul 24, 2023


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