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Embrace Your Power to Write Your Story

Dear Africana Woman,


Clear out the clutter. Let go of the future. Be in the present.

Take in the sounds of the Zambezi river lapping softly. Feel the cool breeze wash over your skin as you pull your jersey over you for warmth. In the distance you can hear a hippo grunt. As the birds are talking to each other you wonder what could they be saying. Looking across the river you notice a majestic family of elephants on an island.

Embrace your  power to write your own story

I am here.

The most important thing is what is in front of me.

Silence. That is how we started each day of the Reinvention: Write a New Story Retreat.

The Africana Woman wellness retreats are the bubble we create for you to shield yourself from the loudness of your life. It is so easy to get caught up in the chaos. In a monotonous routine and wonder if your life is slipping away with no intention.


Step into this bubble where you can hear yourself think. Your mind is not crowded with to do lists of what should have been done. What is yet to be done. Who is looking after …. when you are not there. Have you noticed that many of those thoughts are focused on others and rarely centre you.

Let the bubble shield you. Be in a space where YOU are the one being pampered. You do not have to worry about any logistics. Everything is running around you like clockwork. Take your seat at the banquet laid before you. Imagine not having to make a meal plan, make sure all meals are cooked and everyone is adequately fed. It just happens.

You do so much babe, but who is looking after you?

Tell you what, if you want to experience what it feels like to be looked after by men, go to Kasaka River Lodge. The campsite is set on the banks of Zambezi River. From Lusaka you can drive there in approximately 4 to 5 hours. There is the option to come in via boat in the rainy season or fly in. The campsite has communal spaces that are decorated with brightly coloured furniture accented by African prints. The swimming pool and fire pit sit on an open lawn. The tents are laid out in a line to give the most spectacular view of the river. Yes it is beautiful. But what elevates the experience is the care with which the all male staff look after you. From carrying your bags to the rooms to turning down your beds to the thoughtful gestures to make sure you are comfortable. Extra warm blankets, the heating up your water at 5am. Clean rooms. The personal escort to your room in the evening.

There is a world where you can be still and know that things can work around you without your toil and efforts. Your mind is simply at ease. When your mind is released from it’s duties your body automatically relaxes. Next your spirit is at peace.

It is at this moment we start the Retreat program.

Know that you have all the answers you are seeking for within you. You know best what is right for you. As your guide it is not my role to tell you what to do, all I can do is expand you, stretch you, prompt you, invite you to your next level. The results at the end of the retreat are entirely up to you.

Reinvention: Write a New Story is about examining the stories we have told ourselves, bringing awareness to the impact of the decisions we make that in turn shape the life that we live right now. On day one we looked at the past. On day two we observed what is our present. On day three we wrote a new story of the futures we desire. Each day had different exercises to help you dig deeper within you.

This work is not easy per say. It can get emotional, frustrating and scary. However, the beauty is that you are not alone. You can face your fears in a safe space and be loved on by your sisters. I think most come in thinking they will only focus on themselves but are surprised by how much they learn from each other. They give each other so much hope for what is possible in their own lives.

Listen a Retreat is not work all day. You also need to Rest. We gave ample time for the ladies to relax; they had a dip in the pool, a relaxing sunset boat ride and a fireside chat late into the night. To be honest there being no network service and spotty internet also helped them disconnect.

By the end of the three days I personally learned that:

  • God always brings the right set of women together. For such a time as this these women shared a sacred space

  • God answers prayers in ways you do not expect. Often we think we have to work so hard for what we ask for but God performs miracles through people in unexpected ways

  • I am the one

  • It is not my duty to force women to count themselves worthy of attending a retreat. My role is to serve those who do.

Embrace your  power to write your own story

Sweety, if you take nothing else away from this post, I want you to embrace your power to write your own story every single day. You get to write a magnificent life that you will tell your grandkids about and people will remember for generations to come. You have that power.

The Africana Woman team have already begun to organise the 2024 Retreats. This will give you ample time to plan ahead and make use of our payment plans. If you are interested in being the first to know about our 2024 retreats fill out this registration of interest form.

Check out our socials @africanawoman for more pictures and videos from the Reinvention Retreat. Everything worked like clock work. It really was magical. So honey bun, I hope you know that my desire for you is to love yourself flaws n all and design a life you absolutely love. Share your thoughts in the comments below. Until next time.

Love you loads


Chulu is the Founder of Africana Woman. She is a Wellness Entrepreneur, Mentor and Award Winning Podcaster. Find her on Instagram @Chulu_byDesign


The Africana Woman Experience - is our signature program, that takes you on a journey to KNOW your Roots, Grow your Purpose. This retreat is set in the ancient red city of Marrakech, Morocco, where the old and the new dance together. Discover the depth of African culture as you discover the will of your spirit, the expanse of your innate abilities and your core purpose. To find out more click here.

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1 Comment

Aug 11, 2023

We get so caught up in the chaos in our environment and in our heads that silence is far fetch. In the silence of the retreat still chaos reined in the mind. You are a great guide. Even in the midst of a chaotic environment we can find a space to be

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