The Retreat that Never Was

Updated: May 16, 2021

Dear Africana Woman,

Hey sis hey!!! We have ten days left of August and I am feeling amazing. I told you I was cutting back on activities in my life this month. Just so as I can get a bit more introspective and in tune with myself. Hmm I am taking that to the next level by cutting off social media for the rest of this month. Yeah I am a total over achiever. And my friend once said to me you are so competitive. I actually didn't realise this but here I am trying to beat myself at who can be the most introspective. Insanity. I know.

Ok so you all know that I hosted a retreat. Let me tell you how it started. So I have always wanted to host a retreat yeah. But never had the guts. I told my friend Tonja about it and she said, "of course you can do it. Set a date and do it." I was like ooookkkkaay. She insisted and said I had to give her a date. So I picked a date which was as far out as I could make it. However, when it was about a month out I started panicking like oh people have to attend this retreat, how do I find them. The obvious answer is to jump on social media and tell people about it. Eh! Next thing people are signing up. I was like oh! I need to make a program. Lol. I promise I am not making this up. So I sat down and made a plan. But not only were people signing up for the retreat but others were requesting for an online version.

My retreat is called KNOW your Purpose, and it basically covers resetting your mindset. However, for you to be open to dropping limiting beliefs, embracing an abundance mentality and truly understanding who and whose you are, you have to train yourself to be mindful about your thoughts and emotions. Which basically requires some prep work. I had set the retreat date for 15 and 16 August. Then I decided to do a 14 day Mindfulness challenge from the 1st of August, with anyone that had expressed interest in the retreat be it in person or online. So I set up a whatsapp group. I know, I know I hate whatsapp groups too ... but I had to choose something that people frequently check and are familiar with instead of trying to teach them how to use a new tool. The most important part of this challenge was also to build community and a level of comfortability. Because when we started digging into their deep inner thoughts at the retreat, I did not want the ladies to feel self conscious or that th