When We Retreat

Dear Africana Woman,

Hello Beautiful. I love saying that because I want you to remember how beautiful you are inside and out. You may already know that end of July 2022 we are having our first Africana Woman Visionaries Retreat. It will be held on the shores of Lake Kariba at an exclusive property called, The Castle, in Siavonga, Zambia. Absolutely Gorgeous. It has come to my attention some people are a little confused about the purpose of the Retreat so I am here to clear that up. The jist of the story is that, in as much as we are going to have fun filler activities; boat cruise, Kariba dam tour, picnic on a beach, paint & sip … sight-seeing is not the point of the Retreat. It is not a vacation. This is a chance for you to be introduced to yourself. Let me explain.

In 2019, I was going through one of the worst moments of my life. I had anxiety. I was depressed and fatigued. It felt like I was a robot waking up to do the exact same thing every day and the worst part is what I was doing wasn't even helping anyone. It made me feel deeply sad.

Fast forward to 2022, here I am working from home, in a beautiful office that looks out onto a spectacular garden. I can see my puppy zipping across the lawn. Babes I have never owned a pet before in my life. Every morning I walk through my vegetable garden and pick fruits from the orchard. I paint, I write, I am tapping into my creativity. And I am so happy, so grateful and at peace.