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What Are You Going To Do About It?

Updated: May 30

Dear Africana Woman,

How are you babe? I must say May has been absolutely fabulous in so many ways. I will get back to that a little later. Manje yesterday, I was shook mhmmm. Electricity left a little before 6am, so in my head I said ok cool it will be back by 14hrs and I can get on with work. (Well the truth is Monday is my day off and I should not have been thinking of working). Anyway, 14hrs comes, nothing. 15hrs ... 16hrs .... 17hrs I am like okay cool it is definitely coming back now. Zeeee. "Yangu!" clapping hands at this point in the way we do when we are shocked. Okay 18hrs yapita .... 19hrs ala .... twikele fye mu mfifi. 20 hrs I start messaging people like, "Are we safe? What's happening on your ends?" Babe 20:47 is the time that it came back.


Now please I am not here to add to the collective trauma of this electrical debacle, so please DO NOT comment about how life is so hard and sad because of no power. I will tell you why. When power came back I literally asked myself one question:

What are you going to do about it?

This whole situation made me very uncomfortable. I did not like sitting in the dark. I did not like missing out on a whole day of work because of no power. I did not like that my son was not able to join his online classes. I did not like that we could not prepare food all day. Yes we have a mbaula and charcoal but that's not my jam. Now with all the discomfort this caused, the easy thing to do is to sit and complain about how bad the situation is, embracing the woe is me victim mentality.

Or I can make a choice to use my discomfort to motivate me to do something about it. I have chosen the latter. That's my choice. I choose to buy a genset, I choose to put more outdoor lighting, I choose to get a gas stove for the main house, I choose to work towards solar power. So right now my mind is focused on how I am going to fund my projects. I simply need to make more money because I refuse to be part and parcel of this experience. Why it has taken me this long to decide is beyond me.

Now in May I was in Solwezi for a Women's Networking Cocktail which was hosted at Floriana Lodge. and I also went to Ndola to deliver a keynote speech at The Sunflower annual event. Both of these experiences have taught me so much. The women in Solwezi are a high calibre of entrepreneurs. They are movers and shakers. We talked business strategies, resource sharing and branding. They taught me how to identify opportunities when faced with competition even from big multinational brands. Look for the gaps and maximise them.

I grew up in Ndola from primary to secondary school. It was so lovely to be invited home for my first ever keynote speech. I have been a speaker before in the capacity of support, filler or by the way, you know. Often, because most events are running late, your time is reduced and you have to adapt to the situation and give a rushed presentation. However, as keynote speaker, everyone is waiting for you to speak and you are given the full time to deliver your speech. As a speaker this was such a beautiful experience. As preparation I got to be coached by Annie Mbako who brilliantly helped me weave my presentation together. It's so important to get help Ladies. The best part for me was to be able to deliver the keynote the way I wanted in my allotted time. I actually timed myself and was within my given time frame. Most importantly my goal was to give the women practical tools they could go apply in their lives after the event. I do not believe in inspiration. Inspiration will not get you anywhere, instead when you leave my talk I want you to be able to say, I am going to .... (finish the sentence) because you learned something.

Lady Nomsa is the founder of Arise in Purpose Women Network, the women to whom I spoke. The woman is a powerhouse, in case you do not know of her. Don't be fooled by her petite figure. The woman is a giant in spirit. She is a survivor, a fighter, a woman after God's own heart. Lady Nomsa and her team looked after me so well. I had such a lovely time. As someone who organises events I know how hectic it can get behind the scenes, so it was nice to be on the other end where I simply show up to deliver my speech. My biggest takeaway from Lady Nomsa is prayer works, commit everything to God and watch God move in ways beyond understanding.

So what is next. A LOT hahahaha

First up this Saturday 8th June, I am in Mongu for #LunchandLearn which will be at Kinako Game Ranch. Please tell your sisters in Mongu to come out for a powerful day of learning, networking and fun. To book simply Whatsapp 0977887467.

End of June, I will be back on the Copperbelt for #LunchandLearn Kitwe. This is in Partnership with Kupema Wellness. We are going to Mindola Dam and Game Reserve for a 2 hour hike, stretch, reflection, networking and healthy brunch. Again Whatsapp 0977887467 to book your spot.

We are starting a special project and need your help. If there is one thing Africana Woman loves is good food. So we want to create an Africana Woman Cook Book with recipes from different African countries. We need your help to contribute a recipe to the book. If you are interested please reach out to us at to sign up.

Then the Personal Brand Course is BACK! I have decided to restructure it taking into consideration the power issues. Before we had two live weekly classes, 6 instructors and workbooks. This time round we are offering it to you in a tiered system:

  • The Personal Brand Course - delivered in 10 pre recorded audio modules. It allows you to go through the content at your own pace. This is valued at K1000

  • The Personal Brand Course + Course Workbooks - this option gives you access to the course workbooks that will guide you through creating your own personal brand manual. This is valued at K3000

  • The Personal Brand Course + Course Workbooks + Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls with Chulu Chansa - this option gives you access to live group coaching calls with me, so as you can ask questions where you are not clear and get real time answers. You also receive a bonus social media audit. This is valued at K6000

The Course begins on Tuesday 11 June, 2024. Registration is now open . Register here:

Sis support your sister. For Africana Woman to keep delivering this content, blogs, podcasts, workshops, masterclasses, challenges, events we need power. Right now that requires buying a genset.

Finally, going forward, when you find yourself in a less than desirable position, in an experience that makes you feel uncomfortable, DO NOT complain about it. Rather challenge yourself to do something about it.

Honey, my desire is for you to love yourself flaws n all and live a life you absolutely love. Until next time.

Lots of love


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תגובה אחת

I love this article. Years ago when Zambia had its first load shedding I also asked myself this same question. What am I going to do about it when there is no power when I get up in the morning to prepare for work and how about after work when I'm tired and need a hot meal? The thought of the mbaula in the cold season early in the morning was not good and also trying to light the mbaula after a long day at work was not comforting either. I sorted out the issue with an inverter and a gas stove. And guess what those same items are cushioning the pain of today's load shedding. I invested and it…

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