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Dear Africana Woman,

Wow is an understatement of how amazing the inaugural PROJECT YOU event went. I am in awe.

Where to start? Here are My TOP 5 Takeaways from PROJECT YOU:


Women supporting Women is magical. We were hosted at Go Go Fitness Zambia owned by Ngozi Asinga. I mean talk about state of the art gym. Our raffle prizes were all from female owned business. So much gratitude:

  • Kimono - Goldblack Group

  • Twerk shorts - Fumukazi Designs

  • Hair Products - Tassics

  • Earrings & Scarf - Bloom Peak Media


Synergy. Be intentional about the people you work with. Each topic flowed beautifully into the next. The concepts built upon each other. We spoke about:

  • The Art of Feminine Allure with Salome Phiri

  • Single & Happy with Chulu Chansa

  • Lost in Self (in the context of a marriage) with Mwangala Chakalashi Santos

  • Transform Your Future Self with Lubunga Lucindi

  • Love You with Princess Mutinta


Don't take yourself too seriously. You have gotta have some fun in your life. We was learning how to twerk. There was booty clapping, popping and bend overs. Chaaal. It was so funnny. Too bad there are no pictures from that segment. We did aerobics and a couple other activities.


Ask better questions to yourself. I believe you have everything you need within yourself, to do whatever you dream of. BUT that self talk is your downfall. During the event, we challenged the ladies to ask themselves deeper, soul searching questions.


Network. You are one conversation away from changing your life. Real quick. Let me tell you how PROJECT YOU came about. On 21st December, 2022, I was an MC for Kamanga Wear Mangani Launch party. Lubunga met Mutinta. Then Mwangala and I joined the conversation. Right there the idea came up. We had a follow up meeting on 29th December. Mwangala brought in Bridget. I suggested Salome.

Exactly one month later, on the 21st January, 2023 we hosted PROJECT YOU.

Talk about being obedient to Spirit and walking in purpose.

What an AMAZING way to kick off 2023.

Here is the good news; This is not the last PROJECT YOU event

In fact, you do not even have to wait a year for the next one. Keep your eyes out for upcoming dates and cities

But even better news; we have on offer a PROJECT YOU Bundle which includes:

The Speaker Notes

Guide to Greatness Journal

Transform your future self workbook

You will get a recap of each topic, activities and exercises to help you implement these principles in your life today.

Valued at K150

Email if you would like to kick start your 2023 with your own PROJECT YOU Bundle.


I throughly enjoyed meeting different ladies who are champions and making significant strides in their varying sectors. I am still buzzing and processing all the rich information shared. I particularly appreciated the group being a reasonable size, thus the touch of sharing intimate details about our struggles felt safe and supportive. The select of participants and facilitators was highly mature and engaging. The event flowed seamlessly without a hitch. Thank you for organising an impactful and well thought out event!

It was a beautiful interactive session with a select number of women. Beautiful age ranges. The event addressed the elephant in the room, questioning the woman and her brokenness. Identifying who a woman, her insecurities and aspiration and helping a woman to be intentional about her self love and development.

It was a deliberate with well chosen topics that will build confidence in women no matter the age.

The program was so mind transforming, definitely a good way to start the year. I was so inspired by the impactful women and I have learnt a lot.

Left to right: Princess Mutinta, Bridget Kambobe, Mwangala Chakalashi, Salome Phiri and Lubunga Lucindi

We hope to see you at the next PROJECT YOU.

Connect | Collaborate | Celebrate

Kind regards,


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