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History is His Story

Dear Africana Woman,

Hey babe. How has your week been? Sis let me tell you there was definitely brown substance on the fan this week, if you know what I mean. Truth be told there was also some pretty cool things that happened.

Update on my financial goals. I finally reached Baby Step 1. Read I am Broke, I am in Debt and I am Scared to know what I am talking about. It was so hard. Opportunities and emergencies keep arising and I have to keep saying, this is not the right time for me. Right now I am sorting out the mess I got myself into. Oh let me tell you a quick story. So if you remember I told you how I was one of those people who let their gas tank run to E, and then time the E saying, “it’s only empty empty when it reaches a certain point below the line.” I would be gliding down hills acting like that helps. LOL. Listen there are people who know what I am talking about. Do not judge me. Anyway, about two months ago Spirit gave me a clear instruction. Spirit said, “this month your gas tank should not go below half way.” I was like, “Say What Spirit? My car knoweth not such glory.” And Sprit was like, “That is my instruction, just do it.” Y’all know I stand on Operating in Obedience, so I did it. It was a struggle the temptation was real but I kept that ticker in the top quarters. If you missed it this is the lesson I was learning; half tank was my new empty. Just like in my bank account my baby step 1 is my new broke and I am not going lower than that. I don’t have to function on Empty. It’s actually an act of self-love to operate with reserves. Right now my tank is almost always at Full. It is so nice to function and move about when I have overflow.

This week I saw something that I cannot unsee which is History is His Story.

I was like excuse me. How narcissistic that he would even name it History. It shook me to my bones. Think about it. His Story is all about him. It is written by him, and for him. I do not know about you but the history that I learned was all about male chiefs, emperors, kings, heroes, male freedom fighters and male presidents. Not a second thought was given to her. I mean she was occasionally mentioned when he revered her as Shaka Zulu did of his mother Nandi. But more than that all we heard about was his conquests. She has been deleted from the past. She has no name, no body, she does not exist. How could this be? How can half the population of the world not be accounted for in past records. Is it really plausible that she did nothing significant for centuries? Check yourself.

In grade 10 we were asked to choose between Geography and His Story. Our seniors had cautioned us that very few people elected for Geography as it was a very hard examination. However, I did not hesitate to opt for that which I can see. At the time I did not realise that even then I was rejecting this notion that African Female Role Models did not exist. I refused to believe women were not part of the narrative from the dawn of time to present day. So what happened along the way?

I heard someone say this week:

Until a Lionness Learns to Write Every Story Will Glorify the Hunter

Clearly he has refused to let go of the quill. In fact, I think he quickly discovered that he can craft a world that bows to him by controlling the quill. I don’t know If you know this but almost everything that is designed and tested in this world is designed for him. For example, cars have male dummies for crash simulations. Medicines are tested on men only. Scientists claim the female form is too complicated to research and would be costly. So you think that taking that medicine helps you, a woman who has different hormones from a man where symptoms present differently in women than men. And when your body rejects the medicine, you think it is an anomaly but in reality your life has always been on the line because this world is not made for you, it’s not designed for you, it does not serve you.

So what should she do, having realised that her greatness has deliberately been erased from His Story? Instead she has been depicted as Weak, Fragile, Emotional, Unstable, in need of Controlling (don’t kid yourself, it’s not saving). What do you do? So much is broken in society. So much needs to be fixed. I do not have all the answers but I know for damn sure that she must learn to write. Document her. Say her name. Amplify her voice. Don’t ever let Her Story get lost in the archives again. We cannot rely on oral traditions any more. We have been given the gift of technology, so use it to the best of your ability. Listen, correct the err, for it was never His Story but Our Story.

By the way I get soooo ticked off by people who say that there are no African Women Role Models. I am going to forgive you this time around and share with you a great resource for learning about the African Women who are DOPE. Check out my conversation with Elishibah Msengeti Poriot about African Women Role Models on the Africana Woman with Chulu podcast. Listen, Shibs did not come to play, she took us from ancient history through to modern history shining light on formidable African Women. She also shares resources to learn more. So may you never ever again say that there are no African Women who have played a significant role in Our Story. Recognise that you were conditioned to believe a lie.

Any who, I say to you my beautiful Queen, your greatness is like a seed hid deep within. Stop searching for validation and success from the outside. Instead turn your focus inwards. Find that seed. Nurture it. Watch it grow inside of you and eventually extend beyond you to then become the shade and haven for others. Can you picture it? First it’s a plant inside of you, but as it grows to become a full grown tree the branches cannot be contained, they must burst outside of you. And that’s when you know, your greatness was never meant for you alone. It was meant to be shared with the world. Babe I wish you knew who you really are coz when you do ….. oooo you will be unstoppable.

Alright honey, I gotta run. Thank you for stopping by this week. If this is your first time here, Welcome Love. I adore you. Click the subscribe button at the top and I promise to send you a love letter every week. To the Live Hard Readers, you are the real deal. I love you. Thank you for coming back. Listen, let’s do something fun, share this with a friend. Share it on your socials. I really think it’s important for women to know that History is His Story BUT together we can make it Our Story. Y’all can catch me on Instagram @Chulu_byDesign during the week, if you need a pick me up. Africana Woman is a blog, podcast and visionary community. Check em all out. Remember I want you to love yourself flaws n all, and attract the life that you truly desire.

Love you Babes


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