Operate in Obedience

Updated: May 16, 2021

Dear Africana Woman,

how are you doing? We are in lock down yet so much is going on. Which is magnified because we spend so much more time on our phones, scrolling through social media. I hope you are getting in the habit of protecting your peace. Sometime during the day whether it is 30 mins or an hour or even more, just turn off your phone. Rejuvenate. Give yourself time to love on you and do something that gives you joy. But you have to turn it off Babe. It does you no good that 20 people in your network re-shared the latest act of injustice. You are literally allowing your body to be in a continuous adrenaline elevated state of either fear, flight or fight. It's not healthy. The fight that we are in is a marathon. So you need to pace yourself to make it to the end. You have to have a strategy that will get you through to the end. Take it from me, shutting the world out for a some time every day, is not selfish. It is Necessary. Should be mandatory.

We are almost at the end of the series that breaks down KNOW your Roots, Grow your Purpose. Before I dive in I just wanted to highlight that 15-21 June is Men's Health Week. Listen, this is very much a woman's concern too because we feed them, we raise them and we counsel them. You best believe that we play a very important role in the positive health of our men. Let us also recognise that health encompasses the body, mind and spirit. This week on a Taste of Culture I switched it up by having a male guest on the show. I spoke to Chilumba K. Bwalya on the topic of Myths about African Men. It was a raw, no hold back conversation. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you thiink. Then today I am co-hosting a panel of gentleman and we will be talking about African Men and Mental Health. I know you are saying, ''Chulu why do you talk about metal health so much?" So my questions to you are these; how many men do you know who have died by suicide? How many men do you know who abuse a substance like alcohol or drugs because they cannot face reality? How many men do you know who abandon their responsibilities and mentally check out? Did any of these men that you know of seek professional help?.......that is why I keep talking about it. I hope you can join us or catch the replays and please share. You just do not know whose life you can save.