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Felicia Joel, a Source of Inspiration

By Suzanne Latre

After pondering for months, I finally put pen to paper, and I instinctively knew that Africana Woman was the ideal platform for my thoughts. The robust community of empowered women here makes it the perfect place to share this tribute.

I'm a white woman navigating a world that doesn't always have our backs. However, it wasn't until high school that I genuinely comprehended the challenges encountered by black women. A Cameroonian friend of mine opened my eyes with a simple truth: "We might live by the same rules, but trust me, the world sees me differently."

This conversation sparked a profound exploration into the experiences of black women in a predominantly white society. It led me to delve into research and even pen a novel exposing the subtle discrimination faced by these remarkable women. Yet, today, I want to turn the focus towards the positive influence of the internet and the inspiring resurgence of black women embracing their femininity and asserting their rightful power.

Amidst this uplifting narrative, I'm thrilled to highlight Felicia Joel a source of inspiration, also known as Noro Pwol. She stands as a beacon of positivity, kindness, and resilience, and is the driving force behind Nurture The Children International UK—a charity dedicated to providing vital support to children in Nigeria, the UK, and the US.

Felicia Joel

Felicia's journey is marked by compassion and purpose. A decade ago, she embarked on the mission of a lifetime after a fulfilling career helping others, particularly in hospital settings where life's fragility is evident. Her extensive research into child welfare and development in Nigeria underscored the world's collective responsibility to protect its most vulnerable members.

Felicia's leadership style is a class apart. When I began working with her, I encountered a supportive environment that allowed me to navigate my role. Whether it was drafting complex NDAs or delving into legal intricacies, Felicia provided the space I needed to grow and excel. Her approach, which balanced guidance with autonomy, helped me find my rhythm and truly come into my own.

One of Felicia's remarkable qualities is her innate ability to inspire. In the face of adversity—a sudden loss of income without explanation—Felicia's unwavering resilience shone through. She transformed setbacks into opportunities, a trait that embodies the spirit of any successful charitable endeavour.

I'm equally impressed by Felicia's unshakable self-assuredness. In a world often plagued by false modesty, Felicia stands tall in her self-worth. This attribute extends to her interactions, where she genuinely cares about the well-being of others. During a challenging period in my life, Felicia offered practical dietary advice, showcasing her genuine concern. Her care isn't confined to just business; it's an all-round commitment.

Felicia's approach to diversity and inclusion goes beyond mere rhetoric. Her interactions transcend the boundaries of race, nationality, and identity, focusing on motivation and skills rather than superficial factors. She engages with individuals on a personal level, fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and heard.

Felicia's astute response to inequality is also worth noting. I vividly recall a situation where she recognised a potential bias and sought my help bridging a gap with a UK-based organisation. This strategic move exemplifies the core principles of effective business practice—identifying challenges and navigating them with finesse.

In closing, my collaboration with Felicia, the visionary behind NTC, has been a journey of growth and impact. Her approach, characterised by attentive listening and inclusivity, has empowered me to explore new horizons, initiate projects, and contribute meaningfully to diverse teams. Felicia's legacy is a testament to the profound impact one exceptional woman can have.

Suzanne Latre is the Head of Legal and PR at Nurture The Children International UK. She is a writer and published novelist. She loves art as well as helping family and friends with their spiritual development. She enjoys architecture and capturing the intricacies of man-made buildings. She is someone who likes to absorb knowledge, culture and the beauty of the people she meets. Connect with her on LinkedIn Suzanne Latre and on Instagram @suzannelatre.

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Edited by Bwalya Mphuka

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Nurture The Children International UK is an organisation that provides an opportunity to join the fight against poverty globally by giving individual sponsors a simple way to support the world’s most vulnerable children and put an end to child hunger, poverty, and exploitation. This is done through their education, feeding, water, and health programs.


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