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Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation endorses Africana woman Podcast

Africana Woman with Chulu podcast has been named as one of the Best African Podcasts by The Guardian with the endorsement of the Bill & Melinda Gates Podcast.

Other podcasts to be highlighted were It's a Continent, Feministing While Malawian, Nipe Story, I Like Girls, AfroQueer, The Road to 30, The Qonnect, The Ranting Atheist, Case Number Zero, Inside Wants Out, and ConnectiviTea.

Standing on the shoulders of other phenomenal African podcasts namely Pod Save Africa, Power of the Streets, The Spread, Legally Clueless, We're not Crazy, You Are!, The Feminist Bar, Africalypso podcast, On Things We Left Behind, Nyamishana's Podcast and Cinema Red Pill Podcast.

The variety of African Stories being told and diversity of Voices narrating is inspiring of where podcasting will go on the African continent.

To read the full article Click Here

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