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AW Panel Discussion: the birth of a mother

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

"The experience of becoming a mother and the challenges and obstacles you face can make you feel powerful."

"Pregnancy and mothering is not the same for everyone."

The Birth of a Mother Panel, was a powerful discussion around becoming pregnant, giving birth, postpartum and learning to be a mother. There were 3 panelists:

  • Temi Aregbesola-Okere, Founder of the Omugwo Box (A postnatal gift box for mothers)

  • Rosie Carter Suso, A Doula & Maternal Health Advocate

  • Lubunga Lucindi Chawelwa, A Fitness & Maternal Health Advocate

The women shared their personal experience and journey into motherhood. Let’s face it, pregnancy isn’t easy and neither is giving birth. It’s important that a woman takes time to really prepare herself for the wild ride of motherhood.

This was a rich discussion and one step towards normalizing conversations around the reality of motherhood.

You can catch the replay here.

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