ZESCO Temunobe

Updated: Jun 5

Dear Africana Woman,

How are you doing? Hope you are enjoying your day. Is it cheating if I posted poetry from a while back? Lol. The time I am writing this is the beginning of June, our cold season has officially begun. Whilst Kabwe is no comparison in temperature drops with the capital city, cold is cold. The worst part is I have no idea where my socks are. The lady that helps out has a knack for hiding things from us. Then it was suggested that we pull out the heaters because of the weather. I was like, “NO! Don’t you dare.”

My guy I am still traumatised by one Zesco, the nation’s electricity supplier. I remember the good ol days, literally just a couple years ago when your first purchase of electricity units in the month would have a bonus added to them. Neh. I even worked out that K300 was enough for the month because it got me about 400+ units which powered the house and the tank which is constantly being used for the gardens. Baby gurl, these people have been distracting us with fuel price changes, whilst in the background they have methodically chipped away at the bonus that now it is just day light robbery. You know.

If I recall well there was that period when they said the nation didn’t have enough power because their contractual agreement required them to export our electricity. Which meant we were experiencing Bard scheduled power cuts. I think somewhere in there they justified why the power should become this ridiculous. Now that I have moved full time into the Kabwe house, it was mostly vacant before, the consumption has risen. But Friend I live alone for the most part. How much more can one sister consume. I don’t even watch TV. It is just the bulb for the room I am in and the laptop. Maybe charging the phone.

The fashion has now become that I buy K300. It will get me to about the 3rd week, then the pee pee pee starts. There was once a time I used to get embarrassed if someone heard the pee pee pee. These days I don’t care who hears it. Power yali dula. The thing is after your first purchase for the month any subsequent purchase you make takes the piss. And it continually gets worse after that. How that is possible. Exampo. On the 24