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Zed Pod Hub is Buzzing

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Today marks exactly one month after the Zambian Podcasters Hub was created by Chulu Chansa, the host of Africana Woman with Chulu podcast. Podcasting in Zambia is slowly on the rise; both in the case of creators and listeners. On a whim Chulu decided to start a community for Zambian podcasters. She says she had been waiting two years for someone else to create a community but unfortunately that did not happen. As they say 'when you don't see what you want, create it.'

She put a call out on Twitter anticipating only a handful of people to respond. To her surprise, Zambian podcasters have been flowing into the group. At the one month mark the group is 70+ strong and growing daily. What is most exciting is the variety of genres that are available. There is everything from poetry, gaming, true crime, to self development, entrepreneurship, pop culture and so much more. There is something for everyone. Just look at the Zambian Top 10 Podcast Chart for proof.

The community has a mix of experienced and aspiring podcasters. As long as you have an interest in podcasting you are welcome to join.

Key Milestones:

  • A Committee has been created to coordinate the Hub's activities

  • You can follow Zambian Podcasters Hub on Socials @zedpodhub on Twitter and Instagram

  • Each member is volunteering time to run an Expert Series Workshop as a way to exchange knowledge

  • The official Top 10 Zambian Podcast Chart was launched

  • The Hub has been celebrating each other by listening to each others posts and sharing each others podcasts

  • The Hub has 70+ members located both in Zambia and the diaspora

  • They have hosted 2 virtual Meet & Greets + a Workshop for aspiring podcasters

  • The Twitter account hit their first 100 followers

The Committee has been hard at work setting up and creating systems. They are looking forward to hosting both virtual and in person events including Zambian Podcasters Awards, Africa Podcast Day, and International Podcast Day.

To learn more about Zambia Podcasters Hub see below:





Spread the word, Zambian Podcasting is open for business.

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