Dear Africana Woman,

If you live in Zambia, you know the latest drama running rampant across the nation is around the launch of Fenty. I am not here to mention names or cut fellow women down with my words. I just want to point out a couple of things.

When the brand ambassadors for Fenty were announced, in that moment, I knew I was not the target market. They did their research and found people they believe are aligned to their brand. Clearly Fenty was not made for. I shrugged my shoulders and moved on. Manje you people that keep talking about these women are the ones that keep giving them the public eye. Whether you are saying good things about them or bad things, both are free Pee aRa that spreads like fire and here we are now. Even Fenty knows that. The best way to strip fame from somebody is to stop talking about them. Imagine, if everyone just kept quiet and ignored them. They would immediately lose their power. Dear Zambia for goodness sakes if you say you don’t want these women to be considered as role models or ambassadors of Zambia, stop talking about them period. In fact mute them from your social media and they won’t even show up so you don’t even need to react. Try it.

If you are not aware on the same day that Fenty launched, another Zambian woman was being recognised for the work that she has done across Africa. Guess who got more media attention? Again I blame us as a nation for NOT talking about amazing role models within our society. They are there but you are too busy shaking your head about behaviour that is ‘eroding our culture.’ Honestly, the people who are out here doing amazing work have to fight so hard to get any acknowledgement. As a result, I have decided to start using the hashtag called #ZambianExcellence. When you see a Zambian person doing amazing work that should be celebrated, please post about it and use the hashtag. I don’t know what else can be done to point out to you that what you focus on gets more power. Which means ignore the people that are not representing Zambia well, instead find the good ones and sing the loudest about them. Remember #ZambianExcellence.