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Win a Soft Makeup Glam by Swek Cosmetics

Aaahhh we have a giveaway!!! Do not stay calm. So you know how there will be a picnic on Day 2 of the Africana Woman Festival. Yessss channel your inner soft life Queen

Bring your picnic set up, blankets, sunglasses, sun hats, picnic baskets, foldable chairs, stools etcetera etcetera. I mean have you seen Chena Art House at Nkwashi before.... Gurlll Stunning!

That's the place. Its a modern cross shaped gallery sitting at the edge of a whole lake (mwandi they call it a dam) My point is its's a beautiful view. Look at the mountains in the background. Perfect for a picnic.

We will be selling curated picnic baskets or pre order. Look out for that on the website.

Back to what I was saying, {{contact.first_name}} you can be one of three lucky winners of a Soft Make Up Glam by Swek Cosmetics. I absolutely adore Swek Lippies. Anytime you see me wearing makeup my lipstick is Swek. So I am soooooooo excited to collaborate with them to give you not just the lippies but a whole GLOW UP. Lucky you. All you have to do to enter the competition is as below:

See what I am talking about. Look at that lip. Anyway

To enter all you have to do is:

1. Post a photo of you in a picnic outfit on your Instagram story 

3. Use the #MyFestivalLook

The way I wish I could enter these giveaways. Dont complicate your life even find a ka old picture of you in a garden lol and enter. If you dont enter how do you win. But of course A for AFFORT when you actually do a whole styling. We appreciate.

Three Winners will be selected randomly and announced on Friday 12 July, 2024 at 12 pm on IG Live. 

Deadline to enter the giveaway is 10 July, 2024 at 8pm CAT.

Anyway, don't say I didn't tell you.

Plus we have plenty more juicy Giveaways, stay tuned Sis. This is so cool.


So the other day I was on Capital FM 99.7 on the She Leads Hour with Naomi Mwelwa and we were talking about being a leader as a Wellness Entreprenuer and in podcasting. If you missed you the conversation, don't worry I got you. The interview is on the Africana Woman Podcast.

I really enjoyed this conversation. Naomi managed to pull out a lot from me that I don't usually talk about. She's also just lovely. Click below to listen to the replay:


So if you are plotting how you can attend Day 1 of the Festival, i.e the Legacy Indaba, can I give you a strategy? Go to your boss or HR and ask them to cover the ticket for you as a professional development training. Literally go say, "Better me, Better Employee" lol no just joking.

But this strategy does work. I have done it before. I made a presentation explaining why I want to attend an event and how it benefits the company. Ala they sent me on a plane to Livingstone (soft life). Babe it works. We also have wholesale tickets for group purchases.


Otherwise, thazz it from me today mweh! Babes enter the giveaway. Did you see my last make up look? Iwe the Swek Lippie was giving. I mean this can be you. Gorgeosity at its best. Okay naya ine.


13 July, 2024...................Africana Woman Visionaries Luncheon

2-3 August, 2024.............Africana Woman Festival

26 - 31 August, 2024 ..... Wellness Retreat, Lake Tanganyika


Get the Wealth Mindset Checklist, 7 Biblical Principles. Download right here.

Kind Regards


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