Why The Silence

Dear Africana Woman,

Hey Sis. It has been a minute. Where have I been? Well …. I have been making heavy life decisions that needed silence and for me to retreat. I think when you are making big decisions it is important to make sure the choice is really yours and that you are at peace with it. A lot has happened in these last weeks too. Let me catch you up:

We launched the Africana Woman Visionaries Book Club. See the great thing about books these days is you don’t actually have to read it yourself. You can get the audio version and listen to it in the car on the way to work. This is a virtual book club, which means you can join wherever you are in the world. The first book we are reading is Arese Ugwu’s Smart Money Tribe. If you can, I recommend you read both her books. Our goal is to read one book per month and meet up to chat about it on one of the usual suspect conferencing websites. If you want to join the AWV Book Club email hello@africanawoman.com and just write Book Club. We will get you all set up.

This isn’t really new but I thought I should mention it because the other day I had posted about some amazing women in our Visionary community. I talked about the projects they are working on etc. Someone said to me, who lives in another country, “You should have a networking event so as we can interact with these amazing women”. I was like, Sis we already meet virtually every month at The Mixer to network with amazing Africana women. Which means mark it on your calendar. The 3rd Friday of every month is The Mixer. You can join by rsvp through the events section of the website. I also know that some of you are nervous about not knowing anybody and talking to strangers. Let me tell you, an AWV event will always pleasantly surprise you. Try us out at least once.