Why I Dislike Christmas

Updated: May 16, 2021

Dear Africana Woman,

Sis can you believe it is already December? We actually made it to the end of the year. Can you do something for me? Just close your eyes, take a deep breath in, then let it out slowly. As you breathe out let go of whatever baggage you picked up this year. Have a picture in your mind’s eye of putting it down, and walking away. Do this however many times you need to. I think we all need it.

Gurl December is like a whole year in itself. There is so much that goes on. Well at least for me it does. My son’s birthday is in December, there is Christmas, Family, New Years, Wrapping up the end of the year, Cakes, Presents, Trees, bonuses (well I don’t know how many will be getting those this year, bless you if you do), Church filled with ‘Holiday Christians’ (you know the ones ka? The ones that think taking up my parking space on Christmas Day will give them blessings to enter the new year when they are at the club. Sort of like Tinkerbell’s magic dust, they are looking for some guarantee to slide into the New Year). Like the list just goes on and on.

Please do share what tips you have for getting through December unscathed in the comments.