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The Vision

Updated: May 16, 2021

Dear Africana Woman,

Hi babes. How are you? I am so hyper coming off of this week. There have been so many good things happen. I will get to that but first I want to know what’s new with you? What are your wins this week? Did anyone piss you off lol? Mulomo ayi, naleka. You know I was once told that I ask too many questions. Forgive me if I am intruding, but I would really love to know what’s good or bad with you. Plus I can handle the truth.

Yesterday, I met my new best friend. She just doesn't know it yet. Africa the Masterplan hosted a conversation about Financial Freedom and Generational Wealth in the African Community both on the continent and in the diaspora. Muma Sinkala, SYTCI founder and I were the moderators. All the panelists were BRILLIANT. But Maureen Nalubyato took me out with her words multiple times. I was like WHAT!!. I mean really, is it appropriate for the moderator to be shouting in agreement? Eish. Thank goodness it was not a debate.

You may have noticed that I love talking about money. Let me be clear. Me I want money. I am not part of the Poor Christian whatsapp group. And I will not be ashamed to say that I want it. At present I am not a guru at handling money. Therefore, I talk about money because I don’t have it damn it hahahaha. In fact, I am terrible at financial management. Not because I lack intelligence but because I am terrified of it. You know? In fact I am actually well versed in financial literacy. Yesterday I took a financial quiz and I aced it. The test said “You Excelled in this Quiz” and yet when I look at my bank statement it is not excelling.

So what is the disconnect? I think Money is strongly attached to our emotions and beliefs. Most people do not manage their finances from an academic standpoint. We let emotion drive the car in terms of our money. In my case, my fear steers me away from actually sitting down to make my budget. My guilt drives me to purchase items or support other people, including family, with money I have no business spending. My self doubt reverses my decisions about being disciplined to save, tithe and make a decision on a viable investment. Like, it’s tiring and draining how much my emotions dictate my money.

I will continue talking about money until I master it. I heard someone say,

“In your business there are things that come easy to you, but it is the things that are difficult for you that you should concentrate on and master.”

You see God gave me a vision of what my life will be like and it is glorious. I am a multi USD millionaire. I am called the Investment Maven. I collect land the way you collect shoes and bags. I travel with ease and stay in the most divine places. My son’s university fees are already paid for and his first home in his name is fully furnished, he just needs to pick up the keys. ….You see what I mean the vision is HUGE. But just because you received a vision does not mean you do not have to do the WORK. God is very clear on the what, but also very vague on the how. It is yours and my responsibility to work smart to achieve the vision.

So my work right now is to become financially disciplined. It is to be brave enough to enforce my boundaries from external forces (*cough family) and internal voices. My work is researching and surrounding myself with brilliant financial minds who can keep me accountable. Yesterday, Celestina Agyekum talked about how a financial coach helps you improve your behaviours and mindset in comparison to a financial advisor who crunches numbers and helps you with strategies to achieve your financial goals. The same way there is a hotel/motel/inn that meets everyone’s pocket, is the same way you can find a financial advisor and coach who are in your price range. That excuse of “no, advisors are only for the rich is nonsense.” The truth is you are too embarrassed to show someone that you are failing in your finances. I am too embarrassed to show someone what I make and how it is way below my expenses. The thought of having to tell someone that I do not have an emergency fund and that I Iive hand to mouth makes my heart ache. I beat myself up mentally saying how can I be so smart and yet soooo poor. I actually look at gardeners who own homes in the compound (shanty neighbourhoods/projects), and I admire them because as homeowners they are richer than me oh. This is real talk, I am at a stage where enough is enough and I have to make dramatic changes. I cannot continue to pray for miracles every month end as if God is a cheap miracle vending machine.

But this is where Maureen got me. She said and I quote:

“When you die, which call do you want your family to receive? A call from the bank saying that there is a debt that they have to finish paying off. OR A call from an institution saying that all funeral expenses are paid for and there is an inheritance ready for them to pick up.”

Mike drop. Listen, we call this snatching edges. I already have short hair, so this right here just made me bold. Think about it.

I am telling you this openly because I want you to hold me accountable. So if you see me falling out of line just remind me to say, “friend, your goals cannot accommodate that behaviour or expense.” I am also telling you openly because as I continue to seek financial knowledge about wisdom, I am inviting you to join me on this journey. Should you choose not to level up and when you do see me chilling in one of my island vacation homes, don’t get salty because that’s not your reality. Amma say it again, you cannot get upset about the results you are not getting for the work that YOU. ARE. NOT. DOING.

We can do this together. Let’s rise together.

Needless to say the number of gems that were dropped yesterday were a ton. I will let you know when the series is up on Africa the Masterplan YouTube channel. Let me know what you think about money? Do you have a healthy relationship with it? Do you tell it what to do or it controls you. Drop a note in the comments. Okay okay I am done for today. Please share this with a friend or ten, if you think it will bless them. If you are new here, yesssss anotha Africana Queen has arisen. To my Live-Hard Sisters, thank you for coming back to read your love letter. You can always say hi to me during the week on Instagram @Chulu_bydesign. I have to accept I am the talkative introvert HAHAHAHA. It is possible guys. Sweety go out into the world fierce, bold and embrace your uniqueness. Remember to love yourself, flaws n all, and attract the life that you truly desire.

Lots of Love,


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