The Valentine's Day that Made Me Wail

Updated: May 16, 2021

Dear Africana Woman,

hey honey! Another week. More stories to tell. But where to start? So last week I was back in the office after a very long time. Gurl, I thought I was on a runway, coming in every day with a ka heel, jus slaying from head to toe. PWAHAHA The truth is I have worn out my flats and the only shoes I could wear were heels. lol. So if you are going to wear a skuna gogo you might as well make the rest of the outfit make sense, innit? I sorted myself out and I'm back to normal. Oh then I had an incident with glitter when I was trying to put on makeup. I looked like a troll.

HAHAHA the accuracy. That's exactly what happened. Just give me lipstick and I am good.

Yoh! Last week I was not playing. I hit the ground running. I had lined up some interviews for the podcast and I interviewed for She's The Boss show. In addition, the Africana Woman Visionaries partnered with BuildHer (a crowdfunding platform built specifically for women of African descent) to host a pop up master class around financing your business. You can find the replay of this in the free Africana Woman Visionaries facebook group, by the way. The TechUp UK ladies also invited me to present to their community. We had an absolute blast. It was a much needed opportunity to practice self care. Then let's not forget that the