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Spell Check

Dear Africana Woman,

Confession. On the previous posts I have not been doing a spell check. I am sooooo sorry. I have been really tired by the time I do these posts and I don’t get to go through them thoroughly. Usually I comb through with a fine-tooth comb. However, I have been really trying to make sure I get these out before the end of the day. That really says something about my time management and priorities. It should probably move up the scale in the time of day that I write so as I get to do due diligence to the editing.

I am one of those people who has a finite amount of energy for the day. I used to think that I was making it up in my mind, but when I realised it’s an actual thing it really released me. Basically, because I only have so much energy I tend to be very deliberate about how I expel it. Usually before a meeting or a major activity I give myself about an hour before to take a nap or just lie in bed to recharge. Therefore, you can imagine when I get to the end of the day, I am totally depleted. If you also know me intimately you know my body shuts down. It doesn’t matter where I am. Sitting at a dining table, on the sofa, on the toilet … gurl come 9pm my eyes close and its lights out. I am done for the day. Well that’s if I don’t have insomnia and I wake up 3 hours later. All this to say I should know better and I need to schedule my writing to an earlier time of the day. I actually do my best work in the wee hours of the morning.

BUT… I am not a morning person even though I wake up really early. This is because I am not ready to see people until after 12pm. I know it’s strange. First of all, I wake up looking like Po but by noon I have miraculously transformed into Tigress. Morning is my exclusive time. Okay let’s actually talk about something concrete today. In the same breath I promise to do better. Plus, I am loving all the feedback and interaction that I have been seeing. In fact, it’s great that you can call me out when I am slacking. Thank you.

Mmmmmm …. Yup I am blank I cannot come up with anything profound to talk about today. It has also been quite an uneventful day. Hmmm which then makes me think about where do I draw inspiration from when there does not seem to be much around me. Hmmm. They say write about what you know neh. I worry about that because I have always been a bit of a recluse who may not be seeing enough of the world to be inspired, you know. I think that’s why I enjoy podcasting so much. I mean you hear the stories and there is editing involved but sis, when we click stop recording that’s when the real stories start flowing. As I talk to someone for the podcast I am constantly taking notes and questions are popping in my mind which I know are not meant for the radio waves. When there is no recording I can even talk with my guest for another 30mins to an hour. It’s fascinating. In a sense that’s probably where I draw my inspiration from. Over the years doing the podcast, I have also found that people who are not guests find it easy to talk to me about their stories which I think is directly related to the podcast. There is something sacred about being able to hold that space for someone. To let them just talk …. Well I am also the nosiest person I know, so I do throw in a lot of clarifying questions. But you see there is an unspoken pact of secrecy. Whatever is said, is said in confidence, and I never divulge.

As an empath you would think that carrying so many heavy stories would be a burden. However, I think that I have learned to release the negative emotions as soon as the conversation is done. Or maybe it’s like trapping those negative emotions in a time capsule. Not allowing it to traverse with us any further. That doesn’t make sense because energy has to move. Enough with the woo woo. Let’s wind down. The moral of today’s post is that I must present work that exudes excellence. To reach excellence is about knowing when I should work and also doing all the necessary things that are needed to produce excellence. In this case it would include spelling checks for starters. I won’t let you down. I promise to do better. Please keep the comments coming and the feedback. In fact, I will go back and edit my previous posts. Eik.

If you are new here, welcome Queen. Make sure you click the subscribe button and you will receive this love letter directly. To my Live Hard readers, you are the one. Thank you for your continued support. Africana Woman is a blog, podcast and community. Make the most out of it. Here’s what I know, we all have preferences for how we receive information. Some people prefer visual aids, other prefer to listen. Whichever, one it is, we got you boo. I just have one small ask from you, which is please share this with at least one friend. Don’t be stingy. Let them also have na enjoyment. Thank you Darling I appreciate you. You can find me on Instagram at ChulubyDesign. Remember to love yourself, flaws n all, and attract the life that you desire. Day 6 complete. #30DayWriting

Big Hug


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Zeni Malawo
Zeni Malawo
May 24, 2022

Eeeh .. see , I didn’t even notice the errors you are writing about . But then again . I am poor at writing and spelling 🤣🤣🤣

I love it !

Chulu Chansa
Chulu Chansa
May 26, 2022
Replying to

Hahaha I am glad someone did not notice. But still its not an excuse for me.

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