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Pop-Up Masterclass with Daniella Genas

On 2 June, 2021, Daniella Genas, CEO of She's the Boss International, dropped some major gems as the host of our monthly Pop-Up Masterclass. This month our focus is Marketing & Your Client. Therefore, title for this class was “Why You Should Be Obsessed with Your Clients."

Not only is Daniella the host of her own show, she is also multi-award winning entrepreneur, business growth consultant and innovation expert. Through her business, She’s The Boss International, Daniella helps to transform businesses.

Daniella, taught about the importance of having customer persona(s), keeping consistent communication and the power of feedback.

In case you missed this class, you can watch the replay in the free Africana Woman Visionaries Facebook group. Feel free to also sign up for our newsletter and stay informed on future masterclasses we offer!

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