Personal Branding

Updated: May 16, 2021

Dear Africana Woman,

Hey Gurly. How are you? This week has been epic. Check out my social media for pics. I am not going to get into it because I am bubbling to get out my thoughts.

I have been thinking a lot about personal branding. Most people will talk about your physical appearance and making a positive first impression. Because we all judge a book by its cover. To be honest I struggle with this definition because I have a care free spirit. I am not about being dolled up or putting myself in uncomfortable clothes, which is probably why I have never really worked in a corporate setting. Fortunately all my jobs have been semi formal where I have been granted the chance to express my personal sense of style. However, if getting dolled up is your jam good for you.

But may I propose another definition of Personal Branding. I define it as the way people FEEL when they are in contact with me. Let us be honest, as humans we are very emotionally charged beings. It is not as dramatic as you think. However, 90% of our actions are based on our feelings. For example, why did you choose to eat your last meal? Possibly you felt like you needed comfort food or you felt guilty so you ate a ‘healthy meal’. When you are making a purchase of a car, and you are perusing through your options, in as much as you are looking at mileage and price range you are also considering how that car will make you feel. Will you feel like a boss in that 4x4? Will you feel cute in that mini van? Will you feel confident or proud when you roll up to a function? Listen even when you start dating someone you are looking to validate your feelings. For example, on the first date you are checking whether he eats with his mouth closed so as you can feel confident to present him to your girlfriends. My point is people are usually wrapped up in their feelings. I love this quote