Updated: May 16, 2021

Dear Africana Woman,

How are you? I want the genuine answer though. We answer fine in a very robotic way because we think no one really cares to hear the truth. But I want to know, how are you really? It is okay to say "I had a shitty week (apologies to all those who do not use excrement in your daily vocabulary) because of .... " I can take it and validate your experiences whatever they may be. How are you my Darling?

I am filled with angst because my life is at a crossroads and I am at that point where I am waiting for revelation of which direction to actually take. Funny thing is that each direction is quite scary. That does not take away from the fact that this week was AMAZING! On a Taste of Culture our guest Africana Woman was Khanya Sosibo from the rainbow nation. She was dropping gems like it is candy. You can find the playback on Instagram. We will continue to have candid conversations with different African Queens every Tuesday at 4pm CAT. Hope you can join us.

This week we are looking at Nourishment, the second letter of the acronym KNOW. Depending on your beliefs you tend to have an understanding that a human being is comprised of a combination of a body, soul, spirit and mind. The body is the flesh that we all can see. The soul is the mind and emotions of a being. And the spirit is that which connects (or refuses to connect) with a higher being. Nourishment by definition is the sustenance necessary for growth, health and good condition.