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Meet Nelly Paulser

In 2023 the Africana Woman podcast went on tour to Lusaka, Kitwe and Kabwe. It was an absolutely beautiful experience. We had the most insightful conversations about Health, Wealth and Self Love. We danced, we laughed, we even cried but most of all we left full. Our hearts were over flowing, our phones bursting with new contacts and a clear knowing of what our next best step is.

That is why we are bringing back the Live Podcast Recording of the award winning podcast, Africana Woman. Oh you didn't know? Yes. Africana Woman has won best APVA's Best Society and Culture podcast in Africa two years in a row. The podcast is the home of African Women's stories in a way that feels so loving and kind. The host, Chulu Chansa sits with incredible African women and soaks in their stories , their wisdom, their flaws, the triumphs, their beauty and everything else in between. It truly is a heart warming experience.

Listen to the Africana Woman  podcast here:

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on someone's wall just so you could listen in on their conversation. We are not judging you? lol we have all been there. That's why we are doing you one better, we are inviting you to come and be part of a live recording of the Africana Woman podcast. To see the conversations live. To ask your questions because Chulu didn't right. To feel the energy of the speakers. To be blessed by their vulnerability and generosity. Coming for the live show is an all encompassing sensory experience.

It with great pleasure that we introduce our Live Podcast Guests.

First up, is a woman who is no stranger to the Africana Woman mic. She has been a guest before on Episode 124 - Shades of Love. We are talking about the magnanimous Nelly Paulser.

The reason we have such great admiration for Nelly is because she is shinning beacon of what it means to push past surviving to thriving. She has decided that her life will not be dictated by her environment, no matter what the state of the economy, instead she has successfully built a business that continues to hit new milestones. This has not been in the absence of personal challenges. Do you want to know how she did it?

Come for the Africana Woman Festival

Day 2 - Live Podcast Recording of the Africana Woman podcast

Date: Saturday 3 August, 2024

Topic: Health

Nelly Paulser

Daughter of Zimbabwe

Nelly Paulser is the Co-founder of Graphic House Zim . A Zimbabwean registered business that offers quality graphic design, printing and branding services and had extended their services to the Events Industry.

Nelliah is an Entrepreneur who has dedicated herself to self-development and the field of Entrepreneurship and as a result has been awarded multiple awards including the 100 Voices For Our Planet Award, a The Tony Elumelu Foundation Grant Award and Top 50 Most Remarkable MSME Founders 2023 by MSME Africa. Nelliah was also acknowledged as 25 Women Trailblazers in STEM by Girls In Stem Trust Zimbabwe. She recently won Business Woman of the Year -Northern Region under the Megafest Awards in Zimbabwe and was nominated African Disruptor of the Year by Christian Women Entrepreneurs Network Awards.

Nelly would love to see other women and girls take up their space in the Entrepreneurial world. Hence she has began a journey of Mentoring other female Entrepreneurs through three main platforms the Girls in Stem Trust, the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) program which is a US Embassy initiated program and Girls Who Print Africa.

Nelly’s life goal is to help build safer & more peaceful learning environment for all African Children in line with Sustainable Development Goals by the use of design, print & branding tools at her disposal through her Non Profit Lerato Trust.

Nelly Paulser

Listen to Nelly's episode on the Africana Woman podcast

Connect with Nelly Paulser here:


Day 1 - Legacy Indaba K1500

Day 2 - Live Podcast Recording of the award winning Africana Woman Podcast K500

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