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Africana Woman prides itself on being a safe space. We have difficult, uncomfortable, 'taboo' conversations on various topics because we believe that once you can name something, it no longer has power over you. Instead you can deal with it. We continually facilitate bringing women together of all ages to have meaningful conversations that are characterised by respect, inter generational knowledge exchange and insight. We know that we may not always agree, but it is possible to speak to each other in a way that leaves the others dignity intact. We choose to hold each other up and be our sisters keepers.

Africana Woman Podcast Tour - Lusaka 2023

The majority of our programs are online based. That is why we are beyond delighted to be able to converge as a global community at the Africana Woman Festival so as we can vibe off each others energy. To meet people we have known for years through Whatsapp groups. To hug each other just to prove we are actually real. What a touching experience awaits us in August.

Women's Networking Cocktail 2023

The third session at the Legacy Indaba discusses how to #SecureYourFuture from a legal perspective. This could involve ensuring that all the wealth you accumulated goes to who you intend to inherit and is protected. What legal considerations should be made before you enter a marriage or when exiting a marriage. Ladies it completely defeats the purpose for us to tell you to create generational wealth, to save, to invest, to be financially independent only for it to be lost when you pass on. Legally protecting your estate is an essential step to building your legacy and generational wealth. How often do we see a business start and end with someone because there was no succession plan?

Our third coach is no stranger to advocating for women's rights. Introducing Mandy Manda the Executive Director of National Legal Aid Clinic For Women .

Session: "My Assets,  My Estate - Legally Now and in the Future"

Coach: Mandy Manda 

Date: Friday 2 August, 2024 in the Legacy Indaba


An advocate of the High Court for Zambia with over 26years years’ experience as a legal practitioner most of which has been dedicated to the provision of legal aid services for the indigent in Zambia. Ms. Manda is the Executive Director of the National Legal Aid Clinic For Women which provides legal aid services to women and children from marginalized social sectors.  She is a leader, innovator and internationally recognized human rights lawyer.  In 2016 she was amongst the top seven (7) International Bar Association Global Pro bono award nominees and has participated in the development of various policies and laws in Zambia to promote women and children’s rights.  Ms. Manda has a passion for an integrated approach to the sustainable provision of legal aid services in Zambia and believes that the provision of legal aid services contributes to the advancement of human rights and gender equality. 

Connect with Mandy Manda here:


Day 1 - Legacy Indaba K1500

Day 2 - Live Podcast Recording of the award winning Africana Woman Podcast K500

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