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Dear Africana Woman,

You have now met our distinguished coaches and guests. We brought only the best because you deserve it. Your self discovery journey just got the boost it needed. Now there are some disclaimers that you should be aware of:

  1. Africana Woman events start on time. Whether you are there or not, we will be starting on time. Plan to arrive between 8 - 8:30am for pictures on the red carpet. By 9am we will be starting our program. So plan accordingly. If it means you start practicing how to do your own face beat, then go on YouTube. Or book your appointment for 5am.

  2. We may not always agree with each other, and that is absolutely fine. A diversity of opinions and voices brings richness to the conversation. Our only ask is that you speak to each other with respect.

  3. Be ready to meet new people. Oh Honey, this is not an event where you are a Wallflower. You are expected to participate. To talk to other women. To interact. To move around. DO NOT SIT WITH YOWA PEOPLE THE WHOLE DAY. It defeats the purpose of coming.

  4. Be memorable. Now you do not have to go break the bank to get outfits, hair, manicures, and the whole shebang. You can come how you feel comfortable. be authentic to yourself and not dress up to impress others. What we do advise is to have at least ONE eye catching piece on your body. This can be a conversation starter or an easy way for people to remember you after the event. "Hi this is Chulu, I was wearing the bright red glasses at the festival". You get the picture?

  5. Have Fun. It's a festival Love. You gotta have fun.

That should cover all the disclaimers you need to know.

The woman helping us keep on track, stay on time, and be engaged is the multi talented Lombe Chiti.

Introducing Lombe Chiti as the Africana Woman  Festival MC on 2-3 August 2024 in Lusaka, Zambia.

Lombe Chiti

Lombe Chiti

Lombe Chiti is a distinguished Zambian media practitioner, qualified journalist, and public relations personnel. As an inspirational gospel artist, she has released uplifting songs such as "Epomuli" and "Amazing Love," touching the hearts of many with her powerful voice and heartfelt lyrics.

In addition to her music career, Lombe is a seasoned journalist and has made her mark as a professional master of ceremonies (MC). She has hosted various prestigious events, including the Wow Woman Pajama Party in Kitwe, the Wow Woman All White Party in Ndola in 2020, and notable events like The Sunflower in 2019 and 2024. Her exceptional skills in event hosting have also seen her serve as the Director of Programs for numerous events organized by the Arise in Purpose Women Network as well as other corporate events, weddings and social gatherings.

Lombe Chiti's multifaceted career reflects her passion for inspiring and uplifting others, whether through music, journalism, or her engaging presence at events.

Lombe Chiti

Lombe Chiti MC at The Sunflower 2024, Ndola

Connect with Lombe Chiti here:


Day 1 - Legacy Indaba K1500

Day 2 - Live Podcast Recording of the award winning Africana Woman Podcast K500

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