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Meet Liza Sekaggya

Dear Africana Woman,

We are 2 months from the inaugural Africana Woman Festival. We are delighted to be able to present a celebration of Africana Women for the purpose of:

  • Facilitating networking

  • Sharing practical tools and skills that can be implemented straight away

  • Reinforcing to women that you have the power to change your circumstance by choosing to love yourself enough and not settle for mediocrity

Whilst the program is very inspiring we want you to walk away empowered and ready to make tangible strides to creating a legacy.

You may be wondering what does Africana Woman  do. To answer your question, we exist to help women embody health, wealth and self love. Whilst education and formal training is one factor to your success, we also know that what really propels you to the success you desire are:

  1. living a holistic healthy life (emotional, mental, spiritual and physical)

  2. understanding how to create sustainable wealth and manage it,

  3. plus having a deep sense of worthiness and self love

That is why you are invited to join us in Lusaka, Zambia on Friday 2nd to Saturday 3rd August, 2024 for the Africana Woman Festival. It has been carefully designed with you in mind. This is not a festival for only women in Lusaka. No matter where you are in Zambia or the World you are welcome to attend. Over the next few weeks we will be telling you about:

  • what to expect

  • who are your coaches, mentors, podcast guest speakers

  • where you can stay and special deals on getting to Lusaka

  • we have giveaways and surprises.

So stay plugged in here.

Liza Sekaggya

Left Liza Sekaggya and Right Chulu Chansa, Founder Africana Woman

Today we are delighted to introduce to you our first coach Liza Brenda Sekaggya .

Day 1 of the Festival is The Legacy Indaba. Indaba means "meeting to discuss a topic". The theme of the Africana Woman Festival is SECURE YOUR FUTURE.  This always starts with having a clear vision of you are becoming and what you desire for your life.

Liza is leading a session called Unleashing Visionary Leadership

Liza Sekaggya

Liza Sekaggya is an international human rights lawyer. She has worked for United Nations for 13 years in different capacities, in Geneva, Kenya and Zimbabwe. She has also worked with Save the Children Norway in Uganda, as the Program Coordinator-Social Protection - She has experience in criminal ligation and worked with an NGO in New Orleans, Louisiana (USA), handing appeals cases of people on death row. She has worked with various organizations in the past providing legal support to child victims of abuse, juvenile offenders, and refugees.

 Liza was a visiting scholar at Harvard University Law School where she conducted research on the rights of persons with disabilities. She has also benefited from several leadership trainings including the EMERGE leadership program for UN women leaders and is a certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach and has coached women and men in leadership, business and goal setting.

As an ardent advocate for gender equality and women’s rights especially for women of African descent, she Co- founded PHENOMENAL WOMEN GLOBAL (PWG), a non-profit organization, based in Geneva Switzerland and Uganda. PWG’s mission is to connect, advance and empower women by providing leadership training and mentorship for women and girls

Liza Sekaggya

Connect with Liza Brenda Sekaggya here:


Day 1 - Legacy Indaba K1500

Day 2 - Live Podcast Recording of the award winning Africana Woman Podcast K500

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