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The Africana Woman Podcast was first aired on 1 September, 2020. It was created out of a desire to make sure African women's stories are preserved and told in their own voices.

Unfortunately, history or His Story has not done a great job of recounting the African woman's story for centuries. That is why we have jumped on the opportunity to tell HERSTORY, to say her name, to acknowledge her power, intelligence, softness, resilience, innovation, creativity, wealth, spirituality and beauty.

Whilst she tells HerStory we love to focus on:

  • Health from a holistic view; emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health

  • Wealth that is all encompassing, financial wealth as well as the wealth of your life and quality of your relationships

  • Self Love as the inner source from which your true power flows to do and be whoever you desire

Chulu Chansa and Chansa Arhunmwunde at the Africana Woman Podcast Tour 2023

At the beginning we had 8 episodes. 4 years down the line the Africana Woman podcast has:

This is more than storytelling, we are a ministry of hope and love. It is with great pleasure that we announce our second Live Podcast Guest. A woman of purpose who is on a great mission to impact women's lives across the world. Meet Lady Nomsa Shu Nyati.

Day 2 - Live Podcast Recording of the Africana Woman podcast

Date: Saturday 3 August, 2024

Topic: Self Love

Lady Nomsa

The Sunflower, 2024, Ndola

Lady Nomsa Shu Nyati is a mentor and purpose coach, recipient of the Brenda Muntemba Mentorship Award and The Women Empowerment Influencer Award. She is an ambassador for Unity, an Entrepreneur, an events manager and decorator specialised in planning and management of all kinds of events. She is also an interior designer and a qualified front office manager now resigned to pursue her own desires. She holds a diploma in Women’s Ministry and a degree in Apostolic studies. She is passionate about women and is committed to helping them discover the best of themselves, their reason for existence and purpose.

Lady Nomsa Shu Nyati is the President and Founder of Arise in Purpose Women's Network and the CEO of Nono's Decor and Event Solutions. Lady Nomsa is a vibrant ambitious woman, a transformational leader, a spiritual teacher and a mother of three.

Lady Nomsa

Chulu Chansa and Lady Nomsa at The Sunflower 2024

Connect with Lady Nomsa Shu Nyati  here:

Instagram: @nomsashu


Day 1 - Legacy Indaba K1500

Day 2 - Live Podcast Recording of the award winning Africana Woman Podcast K500

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