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Meet Danielle Dal Cortivo

Dear Africana Woman,

What do you think so far of the Africana Woman Festival line up?

Rest assured when were designing the program our main thought was entirely about how to make this a meaningful and impactful experience for you.

Our theme #SecureYourFuture is a call to action for you to boldly believe in your dreams and step towards them. We know that for you to create what has been put on your heart, you need to be connected to the right people. Women who are like minded, like hearted and not afraid to declare what they are going after.

Our biggest road block is ourselves. It's the negative stories we tell ourselves. It's the bad habit of comparison which is a thief of all joy. It is lack of representation and not being able to see yourself at the top as a leader.

At the Africana Woman Festival we are changing those narratives. We are connecting you to powerful women because sometimes you have to borrow someone else's faith in you until you actually believe. We are positioning you to have conversations that could completely change your life and business.

The Final session of the Legacy Indaba on Day 1 of the Africana Woman Festival is a session about moving past blocks, limiting beliefs and fears that stop you from achieving your goals.

Session: From Stuck to Success - Going Beyond What Gets in the Way 

Date: Friday 2 August, 2024

Danielle Dal Cortivo

Danielle is an entrepreneur, global movement founder, CEO and consultant. She creates extraordinary leaders and empowers women to say that which has never been said! What connects her passions is a curiosity for creating conversations that make a difference. Around her people: enquire and see what’s never been seen, discover and express what’s never been expressed; and do what’s never been done.

She's been interviewed on tv, radio, podcasts and for print. At 25 she cofounded a charity and raised $500k supporting seriously ill children and orphaned children in Botswana. At 26 she started a consulting company and has since transformed a number of organisations. She is engaging, articulate, and insightful and guarantees thought provoking conversation that leave audiences wanting for more!

Danielle Dal Cortivo

Listen to Danielle's Interview on the Africana Woman Podcast here:

Connect with Danielle Dal Cortivo here:


Day 1 - Legacy Indaba K1500

Day 2 - Live Podcast Recording of the award winning Africana Woman Podcast K500

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