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Can you believe on more than on occasion, our founder has been told that people's assumption is that the Africana Woman  podcast is about Gossip. Whilst there are many shows like that, what is problematic is the assumption is based on the show being by women.

Of course, that cannot be further from the truth. In fact, we have expanded from just one podcast to a Podcast Network, with a family of 4 podcasts. They are all about celebrating the African woman and addressing topics that are important to HERSTORY. These podcasts are:

The Educated Africana with Tebogo Kangote III

LEMBA: The Africana Authors Space

No Breaks

Our flagship award winning show Africana Woman podcast.

Each and everyone is a conversation rich with purpose, knowledge, actionable steps and fun. We certainly hope to bring that same kind of energy to the live podcast recording at the Africana Woman Festival this August.

Our third and final guest (unless there is a surprise) of the live podcast recording is Agatha Chipampila Yowela .

Day 2 - Live Podcast Recording of the Africana Woman podcast

Date: Saturday 3 August, 2024

Topic: Wealth

We are going to be talking all about Wealth, Money, Finances, how to grow it, keep it and invest it. It is very important for Women to get comfortable with money conversations.

Agatha Chipampila Yowela

Founder and CEO of Arise and Shine Coaching Practice, Agatha Chipampila Yowela serves as a board director for ‘Women on Purpose’. As a speaker, coach, mentor, trainer, and author, Agatha brings a wealth of expertise to various fields.

As President of Legacy Building Leaders, Zambian Chapter, Agatha focuses on mindset transformation and leadership competencies. With over 28 years of corporate experience in both financial and non-financial sectors, Agatha's career spans card acquiring, customer service management, sales, and regional attachments in Dubai and South Africa. This extensive corporate background has equipped Agatha with unique skills in team management, leading to peak performance and transformational leadership.

Throughout Agatha's career, exceptional skills have been developed in unlocking potential and guiding individuals and teams to discover and pursue their core purpose with determination and focus. Passionate about results and aligning a company's vision with individual performance, Agatha emphasizes helping people discover their 'WHY'.

Agatha has collaborated with various non-governmental and governmental organizations to promote financial inclusion. These include the government of Zambia, WEAC, World Vision, COMESA, the American Embassy, Network of Young Leaders, and numerous charitable and church forums.

Academically, Agatha holds an MBA from Cavendish University, a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Economics and Public Administration from the University of Zambia, and an Advanced Diploma in Insurance from the Zambia Institute of Insurance Studies. Additionally, Agatha is a certified theologian from Barak Bible School Ministry and has completed a three-year systematic course with the African Development Initiative. This course focused on self-discovery, teamwork, and community value addition, exposing Agatha to Chinese and Japanese methodologies.

Agatha's training programs align individuals with their 'Big WHY', helping them see their sense of purpose and align with the company's vision. Passionate about transformational mindsets and working with organizations dedicated to people and legacy building, Agatha is a member of the Institute of Directors, an accredited Fellow with the Chartered Institute of Customer Experience Management, a member of the Banker Association of Zambia, and a board member with the Women on Purpose Chapter.

Connect with Agatha Chipampila Yowela  here:


Day 1 - Legacy Indaba K1500

Day 2 - Live Podcast Recording of the award winning Africana Woman Podcast K500


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