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In the Middle

Dear Africana Woman,

Something is coming. Can you feel it? I guess today my words might seem a bit woo woo, so I will try and keep it brief. For a couple months I have been in a strange space that is neither here nor there but in between. It is like all the pieces in my life have been thrown up in the air and I’m caught in the slow motion of their descent not knowing where the pieces will land. All I know for certain that once all the pieces land in place and the dust settles, my life will not be the same as I know it today.

It is a time when certain things are being shaken out of my life and I have to master the art of saying goodbye. Quite frankly even if I do not say goodbye that phase of my life is gone forever. Trying to hold on to the golden days means I will be trapped in the past, not able to move on, failing to launch. But I understand that the middle is about consciously evolving. So by learning to say goodbye, I also learn to say hello. Like two sides of the same coin, they are codependent.

In the middle, I have decided to dream big. Not just any ol’ dream, but DREAM BIG. I am a firm believer in that we create our reality. So what will it hurt if you threw in a few ideas before the pieces landed. I started a list called 100 Things I Want To Do. Others may call it a bucket list. Here is the thing, if I can believe that something amazing can happen to me then I am inviting the possibility. It may not manifest exactly the way I imagine it but it will be pretty close. Then I write it down because this increases the likelihood of it happening. And I take it one step further by declaring it out loud, because there is power in my tongue to create.

I honestly believe that the people whose lives we wish we had, just had the audacity to think it, believe it, invite it and manifest it. Whilst the rest of us are out here dreaming SMALL DREAMS. Feeling guilty that we actually want what we want, as if anyone can see what is in your head. Dreaming is free. No one can see your deepest desires. Can I challenge you to have the audacity to DREAM IT OUT LOUD. Your job isn’t to worry about the how. Leave that to the master artisan. I mean did God need help as he created the world? Does the potter say to the clay create yourself? So, what makes you think he needs your help now?

Finally, I am also finding that the middle unveils those things in my life that need to be dealt with. Things I thought were long forgotten. One must recognise that when the dust settles, you will evolve to a higher level but if you do not resolve these past traumas, limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviours … your higher level will be but a fleeting moment. Don’t get snatched back to mediocrity. You see dealing with that thing that has been revealed, is messy, it hurts, it will stretch you more than you think you can handle, it is hard to face, it will challenge you. It also means that you are growing, and this should excite you. For your discomfort is for a season but the rewards far out weigh it. You cannot take certain baggage to the next level, you need a lighter load. Use this time in the middle wisely.

Like I said, I feel like something is coming. I feel like it is something good. Instinctively, I also feel that my job is to prepare so that when it does arrive I am not caught unaware but I can take full advantage of it. What IT is, I don’t know. I will know it when I see it. Like I said woo woo, yet I believe it. In case you were wandering, he wrote back. He is doing well. Who is He you ask. Well then go back to Blast from the Past.

Alright honey, it’s about that time that I should sign off. You are loved. Every week I write you this love letter in hopes that you recognise how much you are loved. Thank you for coming to read. Do subscribe so as you can receive notifications of these love letters directly. Please let people know about the Africana Woman Blog. Well maybe not share this one first LOLest. I am sure you can find another post that you can share with a friend who needs a pick me up. Let me know what you thought today in the comments, I love hearing your feedback. You can also catch me on socials @Chulu_byDesign. By the way, PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT. The website is getting a facelift, so there might be an interruption to our regular schedule next week. Do not be alarmed. We are just making the experience even better for you. It will take a maximum of 7 days, then we will be back, to dazzle you with our love. Ok. Lady remember to Love yourself flaws n all, and attract the life that you truly desire.

With deep Love,


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