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I Support the Gays

Updated: May 16, 2021

Dear Africana Woman,

How are you girl? The other week I was talking with a friend. He was telling me that I was so honest and crazy when I write these love letters to you. I said to him, “Well I’m kinda holding back.” I feel like my kinda crazy is an acquired taste. Y’all need to get to know me a bit better before I unleash myself at 100%. He said nope, you need to go all in every single time. So I have been thinking about that for about two weeks now. And finally I decided to go all in.

I think it is only fair that before we take this friendship any further that you should know that I support the Gays. Boom. I done lost some people. Oh well. I needed you to hear the rest though. 

It is so funny how Africans behave like this was invented some where in the 19th century. If you actually read your bible you will see that homosexuality exited long before Jesus even walked the earth. This is not new. Here is something else you should know, all sin is EQUAL. God hates every sin the same. So just because you can hide that you struggle with adultery (listen a good percentage of African men are going to hell on this count. I don’t care what you say), I mean some people do not even struggle with adultery, they think it is their birth right to go out and populate the world. You are going to hell. Just because you can hide those pornography videos in password protected files on your phone, doesn’t mean you will not be judged. Liars, thieves, or killers your sin is the same in the sight of God. 

What then gives you the right to hate anyone from the LGBTQIA community?

Be honest we all know somebody who is gay. Yes you African you. There was thaaaat school mate, that one. Or you have those aunties that have lived together for all these years because they are ‘best friends’ eh. Or the uncles who have frequent weekend safari getaways with the ‘mates’, but never have any pictures of animals to show for it, eh. Sho some of you are married to them. You know exactly what I am talking about.

So may I ask you, when you played with your gay cousin as a child, did you die? When you studied with your gay friend in high school, did you become gay too? When you ate your gay aunty’s food, did your genital parts disappear? When your gay father came back from his ‘boys’ trip, did he love you less?

By the way, I am not saying that I am gay. Madam, I truly appreciate that particular extension of a man’s body. I have met some appendages that were shorter than advertised, and did not appreciate that encounter one bit. But that’s okay because such sightings are rare. The true glory of His 9 inch creation is not lost on me. No madam I am not gay. I am a fornicator. Although, thinking about it that hasn't happened in a long while, my house might as well be a convent. But I digress.

What I am, is a Christian. And do you know that there is only one, who can judge people for their sins. Get out the way and let him do His job! He gave you two simple instructions. Number 1, Love God with all your heart, mind and soul. Number 2, Love your neighbour as you love yourself. Yeah love even those you deem undesirable. I have been called to a life of love. I will let God sort the rest out when judgement day comes. My gurl, I know what I have done in my lifetime, I don’t need to add being judged the way I judged others. I have enough problems.

I am not denying what the scripture says. Yet I have never seen a verse that says, strip homosexuals of their humanity and hate them. God said I hate the act, not the person. Dear human your basic instruction is to love your neighbour.

This is what I know. I have a number of LGBTQIA friends, that includes some Zambians both male and female. Don’t worry I am not calling anybody out, it is not my place. But this is what hurts me, I know a male gay couple that just adopted the most adorable baby boy. They are going to give that child so much love. And yet there is this straight guy with his stingy self, failing to take out a ka K2 from his boozing budget, money needed for his own child’s upkeep. Flesh of his flesh, blood of his blood. But society prefers to shun the people who will sacrifice so much to give love to a child who desperately deserves it. 

I know people who have had to sacrifice ever seeing their families again and go to live in other countries just so as they can feel alive. They cannot bare to live in Africa because they have been told you should not exist. (I guess there goes my career in politics). I cannot imagine being told to deny a part of who I am. If someone told me stop writing, stop singing, stop doing art. That would look like half my body just grey and dead being dragged around as literal dead weight. 

Okay. To make this story simple. I support the Gays. Or more precisely, I love the Gays. I don't know if you will hate me from here on out. But at least I told you the truth. I do not have the authority to judge other human beings. Let Jah be Jah. Let me know what you thought in the comments. If you are new here, sho, this was a heavy one to start with hahahaha. I hope you stick around anyway, and make sure you subscribe. As usual my playground is on instagram @chulu_bydesign. Alrighty, I hope that you learn to love yourself, flaws n all, and begin to attract the life that you desire. Till next week, or maybe not. Time will tell.

Love ya


PS. I know you are not ‘the gays’. I use the phrase for literary impact.

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🤣🤣🤣🤣 on “I am a fornicator @ and house might be a convent “ 😂😂😂😂


Chulu Chansa
Chulu Chansa
Jun 02, 2022
Replying to

I was also just re reading this and laughing at that myself 🤣🤣

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