From 90 to 2000 African Women Reached

Updated: May 16, 2021

Dear Africana Woman,

We are rolling to the end of the year so fast and I don’t know about you but it seems to be a high speed train. So I have been thinking about whether I will write you a letter during the last two weeks of the year. I am leaning towards No. Hahaha. Truth is I will Not be having a huge Christmas celebration. I am going to wrapped up in a blanket, listening to the torrents of rain outside and I will be reading a book. Oooo I will share with you the books I found for the holiday. Anyway, my point is I am taking a break not because I am busy. I am taking a break because I am practicing self love and I will relish in the quiet.

I have a couple stories for you. It is my reflections of 2020 in short stories. Here goes:


Around March 2020 Africana Woman was born. One of the first things I spoke about is how as an African community saying 'I love you' was not common place in our families. Therefore, I went on my instagram account and launched an I Love You Challenge, which was basically asking people to record a video that says I love you to their parents and posting on social media. Like, their parents did not have to even know about the video. I tagged a couple of people and thought oooo this will be great.

No One participated. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nobody!

Yoh! I was touched. I thought well Africana Woman has died before it has even started. I thought no one is interested in this thing called Africana Woman. Just let it go. This lady that I had challenged, even called me up to say how impossible that challenge was. She had never said I love you to her parents let alone heard it, and it would be so awkward. I said to her, “This Challenge is not for them it is for you. Later when you have intimate relationships, children and you find yourself struggling to express emotions it is because of these kinds of blocks.” She insisted that it would just come so naturally to do when she did have her kids. Anyway, we had a little chat and left it at that.

Again, I was left doubting whether or not to do this Africana Woman thing. I decided to pick up my bruised ego and keep pushing it out.

8 months later, I receive a voice message from the lady I spoke to in March. She said, “Have you seen my status today?” (Which I hadn’t yet had time to go through) but her tone was so confident, I was like oh I better check this out. Stopped the voice note and went to check. She had posted pictures of her parents and one of her Dad. It was his birthday and the message was sweet and said “I Love You”. Went back to the recording. She said, she is now able to say I love you to her parents and post about it, she is more mindful about expressing her affection with those close to her. Saying those words I love you used to be so heavy but now she is able to say it with ease. She said thank you for challenging me and encouraging me.

Chile. I was in an office, batting back tears. I kept thinking I cannot be crying first thing in the morning.

We are so used to instant gratification in this world. We want instant fame. We want to go viral. We want to see results immediately. But sometimes we are called to serve the ONE. God says I just need you to be obedient, plant the seed and serve the ONE. From that ONE generations to come have been set free and will have a completely different experience. Chin up. You may not see the results now but He knows.


I started out the year with the goal of making 90 wedding cakes. I am not joking. I was well on the way. I guess my goal was to bring joy to 90 couples right. Anyway, Covid-19 swotted the goal to the side like a fly. Smack. But God took over. Here is what I have done instead:

  • The Africana Woman blog goes out each week, on average about 30 souls read the posts.

  • The Africana Woman Podcast the last I checked had about 400 downloads

  • A Taste of Culture series has had 17 interviews on Instagram Live viewed 1841 times

  • Africa The Masterplan hosted three international panel conversations on Mental Health for both Men & Women, Finances and a conversation on Sex Sexuality & Pleasure in African Culture. We reached about 50 souls during the conversations, and have since posted the conversations on YouTube.

  • The KNOW your Purpose Mindfulness challenge has run twice with 14 participants in total