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Drop the Rocks

Updated: May 16, 2021

Dear Africana Woman,

How are you babes? Can I just stop for a second and say Glory to God, His Holy Name be praised. The great I AM. Some of you don’t know that I have been called to preach. See when Spirit moves, honey I just get out the way and let him do his ting, because there is no point resisting. I received such good news today. I cannot share it yet but Glory be to God. Like have you ever seen God make a way where there was no path? Where it is undisputedly But God. I pray that you see that day.

Okay. I’m done. I lie. I'm not.

This week I heard a question that took me back to my 20’s. It said:

If God really knew me, would he still love me? Would he still want me?

I have said this to myself before. In fact numerous times. When I think of all the things that I have done. And I’m talking about the things that I will go to the grave with, it made me feel dirty, unclean, and not worthy of love.

However, now when I hear that question I am not swayed because I know without a doubt who I am and whose I am.

The question is inherently wrong, God already knows every single part of you even the messy parts. He is with you ALL the time even if you do not acknowledge His presence. I know many of you have been told that the Church is an actual building. Nope. You are the Church. You are the temple of God. God is within You and not the tabernacle. He is inside of you. That’s why we get confused when God says you should pray all day. All it means is that in all things use your body to be an expression of Love which is the summation of all the commandments. God is asking, will you use your body, His home, the living Church to Love God, Yourself and those around you all day. Keep in mind the act of obedience is the greatest form of worship you can offer to Him.

God is Love. You do not have to earn His love. That is His natural state of being. There won’t come a time when he will love you more. He already loves you far more than human words can articulate. You know, I think from the time we are born, its like we move through life carrying a sack, and along the way we pick up rocks to put in the bag. Some of them have been given to us by others, some of them we chose. The rocks are guilt, shame, anger, un-forgiveness, jealousy, fear, grief, doubt, heartbreak and any other form of burden. So we walk around carrying this heavy bag, but there comes a time when God asks you to exchange all of that for the only rock you will ever need to carry which is love. The problem is our hands are holding on so tightly to this heavy bag and in a way we have become comfortable with the burden because it’s all you have known, it’s familiar. The thought of exchanging all of that weight for just one rock seems too good to be true.

I’ll tell you what, I admire the people that can drop the bag and just run with God’s love. But if you are like me and you need to sit down to start unpacking the sack, one rock at a time, that is okay too because He will still be right there with you. So maybe last year I unpacked guilt and today I am unpacking jealousy. There is no timeline or deadline. Do not let anyone police your Faith. It’s a lie to think that people go from 0 to 100 when they receive Christ. It is a journey, it is still messy at times. They just choose to show the highlight reels. Again, if you need to take time to unpack all of those rocks, you do that. Okay.

Back to the original question, if God really knew me, would he still love me? You see I thought I had to reach a level or perfection so as I was worthy enough to minister. I thought I had to go to a school to be qualified to speak about God. I thought only ‘good’ people got to be used by God. And I thought ministry meant working in a physical building. Oh contraire. I am qualified just the way I am. I am qualified to teach from what I know. So if on a scale of 1-10 in my faith and knowledge of God, I am a 4. Guess what, a 3 and 2 can still learn from me. So yes I can minister, even in my brokenness and imperfection.

Word of caution, so many of us want followers, but where are they following you to? Examine your heart and be honest about your answer. The thing with ministry is it may not look the same for everyone, but it all leads to the same place, to God, the surest expression of Love. If you are following a ministry that doesn’t lead to God, maybe it leads you to worship men and things, stop, get off that path, all it leads to is destruction and disappointment.

I thought I was going to write about something else today, which I may feel led to do later this week. I do hope this message blesses you. I feel like someone needed this.

Y’all know the drill catch me on socials @Chulu_byDesign. Wait. Hol’ up! How could I almost forget to share this with you? Smh. So I always get messages from people telling me, how could you go do that adventure or activity, You left me. Mhm chibegemu. So I have decided I am tired of these complaints, therefore, every month I am inviting you to do a fun, novel activity with me. I will coordinate everyting. All you have to do is pay and show up. We are calling these events BYOB: Be Your Own Bae. This means that you give yourself one day in the month that is all about you practicing self love. It is non negotiable. On that day you are not thinking about work, bae or baby, I thinone of that, it’s all about you recharging, refuelling, filling up your cup. They say serve from your saucer, because that’s where your excess has overflown. BYOB is a live event in Lusaka. The first one will be on the 29th of May and is in partnership with Paint & Sip. They have this lovely outdoor space and we have a few surprises for you. Friend, we are still practicing social distancing, so its a very small group. If you want in I suggest you register as soon as possible. Click here. Okay clearly I am so excited. This last year I have met so many people online and the thought of actually meeting in person is dope. Anyway, guys, do you know I love you so much? I can see you rolling your eyes saying how can you love me when you don’t even know me? And yet it’s easier for you to accept that someone can hate you without even knowing you. Can you open yourself to the possibility that you are loved? No strings attached. I love you. Remember, my prayer for you is to love yourself flaws n all and attract the life you truly desire. Have a blessed day.

This is a little something that blessed me this week. Enjoy:



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