DRAMA - K, SA or nollywood

Dear Africana Woman,

I have been keeping myself busy with learning how to write screenplays. This means that you have to read screenplays. Only problem is the ones that are readily available are from Hollywood. Urgh. I am so over Hollywood. I want to read something from an African writer or South Korean writers.

You see Hollywood no longer cares about a strong story line. As long as there is violence and sex that is what keeps the momentum going. If you think about the last three movies you watched and you took out the violence which inclusive or car chases, shooting scenes, mixed martial arts scenes all of that. Then you took out the sex. What would be left. Would you still be able to watch that movie? Are the lines intelligent, Is the plot unsuspecting, can the actors actually act. Coz let’s face it a lot of these so called stars are not actually talented, they just have a well-oiled machine backing them up. Pushing crap onto our screens. I remember when I was in primary and my English teacher, Ms. Mulenga, made us do exercises where we had to guess the missing word in a sentence. So it would be a sentence with a dash somewhere in the middle. She taught us that our brains fill in the blanks for us. That exercise has always just stayed with me. When I watch movies I am always finishing sentences accurately to the point where people question whether I have actually seen it before. Therefore, you can imagine how boring it is to watch something where you can always guess the plot and what people are going to say. I can’t do it anymore. I need more from story tellers.

I want to be delightfully surprised. I want to believe in the characters. I want to swept in a wave of emotions. And be able to retell the story long after I am done.

Enter K-DRAMAs. Now guys as with any film industry there is going to be amazing content and then really bad content. I am not saying that everything South Korea produces is amazing, no infact, I have become an expert at sussing out crap. But the ones that they do well, they do REALLY WELL. There is actual