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Create Your Tomorrow Today

Dear Africana Woman,

I am back to talk about how cold it is. It’s actually very shocking for me to be complaining because I am one of those that walks around in spaghetti tops whilst everyone else has bombasas. So for me to complain it must be really really bad. I will tell you why it really bothers me. When my feet are cold, I cannot think. Therefore, I cannot work. And it takes so long for my feet to warm up even if they are in two layers of socks under a blanket like right now. The struggle is real.

I mean, are you looking at your shower thinking “Will anyone really notice if I have not had a shower in three days?” Elo some of us don’t have geysers. We have those instant shower heads that heat up the water as it passes through. Hmm manje first thing in the morning everyone is using their electricity so the water doesn’t get as hot. It’s wild. Well it’s probably harder for couples, because there is always one keeping count of the number of times the other has bathed, being like, “friend the last time water passed on your body was two days ago. Can you please bath.” Lol

And this is why I like living alone. I get to walk around naked, well definitely not in this weather. I get to choose what time I want to eat which could change from day to day. You know when there are a lot in the house, meal times tend to be regimented. I get to laugh out loud in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning. I can talk out loud to myself in peace and not have someone dialing chianama behing their back, like “are we safe?” I get to have meals like popcorn for supper. Okay that’s a joke … not really lol. But funny enough we are talking about living alone, I have come to realise that living alone is cute when you are in a cute small size place. But living alone in a big house is weird. I mean I have talked about this before. Where I choose not to respond to the voice coming out of the darkness. Or there was one time a frog was knocking on my bedroom door. True story. So I have decided that I am opening up KuMushi Garden for rent as a shared space on Airbnb. If you know anyone who wants a comfortable and clean place to stay for a few days in Kabwe, Zambia, send them my way. Thank you I appreciate the referral. They will get to enjoy our beautiful gardens in a rustic style farm house.

If you do not know this already, I am vegetarian. This has been official from 2019. Why? It’s cheaper. Lol it’s quite similar to the way I don’t have space for alcohol on my budget. That is a lot of money I would rather not pee. You are literally voluntarily consuming a Spirit and then peeing out residue. There is no return on your investment. Personal choice, I want my money to work for me. Chocolate is my guilty pleasure but a ka K16 in comparison to K300 every weekend is a huge difference. Sorry, I digressed, I was talking about why I became a vegetarian. If you know me I am big on listening to your physical body because it tells you all the time what it needs. I stopped drinking fizzy drinks because I prefer not to be keeled over writhing in pain from gas. Same way I stopped taking meat. I never ate fish. I stopped eating pork in secondary school and then just as life went on I naturally gravitated to not eating any meat at all. So I just made it official in 2019.

Around that same time I started to dream about the way I wanted to live my life. One of my dreams was to have a vegetable garden where I can walk out and get fresh vegetables to eat for lunch/supper. That day came today. I woke up this morning and my gardener gave me a big bunch of freshly picked spinach. In that moment I was so grateful for the Chulu in 2019 who gave herself permission to have that dream. It is because of the decision she made back then that this moment could be a reality and I am so so so grateful. We all have different indicators of what success, joy and happiness means to us. For me Joy was holding a bunch of spinach from my garden knowing that it is organically grown with love and will continue to nourish me as is the cycle of life.

I guess what I am trying to say is the decision you make today will determine the woman you are tomorrow. Take time to really be sure about what you want. What lights you up. Who you want to be and make decisions today that create your future. In the present it seems like they are tiny steps, but they add up and guide you to right where you wanted.

As you know Africana Woman is having a Retreat on 29-31st July, 2022. A retreat is not a holiday or vacation. A Retreat is where you go to do a specific self-development activity. At the AWV Retreat I will be guiding you to make yourself the heroine of your story. Many of you, have told a story to yourself where you are the victim. What if I told you that you can rewrite your story and claim your power. All you need are the right tools. I do not want to force you or trick you into coming. For real transformation to transpire it must be a voluntary choice. The same way you see addicts repeatedly hospitalised in rehab centres by their families but they keep relapsing because they were not ready. Only when they make that choice for themselves do they really change. If you are not ready for this it’s okay. But if you are ready I am going to be there to support you 150%. I am on your side, I want you to succeed. But you have to choose it first. The first step to making the choice to transform your life if by clicking here.

Okay. I am going to sign off here. Welcome Love. I hope you like it here that you will come back. You can click the subscribe button and I will send you a love letter directly. Also take a peek around Africana Woman there is a blog, podcast and vibrant community. Welcome back Hun. I love seeing you here day after day. Please remember, share this with at least one friend or your socials. Thank you so much. I am found on Instagram @Chulu_byDesign. Listen, make sure you love yourself, flaws n all and attract the life you truly desire. #30DaysWriting

Kiss kiss, mwuah mwuah


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