Create Your Tomorrow Today

Dear Africana Woman,

I am back to talk about how cold it is. It’s actually very shocking for me to be complaining because I am one of those that walks around in spaghetti tops whilst everyone else has bombasas. So for me to complain it must be really really bad. I will tell you why it really bothers me. When my feet are cold, I cannot think. Therefore, I cannot work. And it takes so long for my feet to warm up even if they are in two layers of socks under a blanket like right now. The struggle is real.

I mean, are you looking at your shower thinking “Will anyone really notice if I have not had a shower in three days?” Elo some of us don’t have geysers. We have those instant shower heads that heat up the water as it passes through. Hmm manje first thing in the morning everyone is using their electricity so the water doesn’t get as hot. It’s wild. Well it’s probably harder for couples, because there is always one keeping count of the number of times the other has bathed, being like, “friend the last time water passed on your body was two days ago. Can you please bath.” Lol

And this is why I like living alone. I get to walk around naked, well definitely not in this weather. I get to choose what time I want to eat which could change from day to day. You know when there are a lot in the house, meal times tend to be regimented. I get to laugh out loud in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning. I can talk out loud to myself in peace and not have someone dialing chianama behing their back, like “are we safe?” I get to have meals like popcorn for supper. Okay that’s a joke … not really lol. But funny enough we are talking about living alone, I have come to realise that living alone is cute when you are in a cute small size place. But living alone in a big house is weird. I mean I have talked about this before. Where I choose not to respond to the voice coming out of the darkness. Or there was one time a frog was knocking on my bedroom door. True story. So I have