Battle Of The Hills

Updated: May 16, 2021

Dear Africana Woman,

Sis I just got back from the hike and I could not wait to tell you what happened. It was an amazing experience. Here’s the thing, hiking is an art. I did not know this. I mean I see my friends like Kanya and Annie do it and they make it look so effortless, but Darling don’t do it if you are not ready. What I am going to do here on, is walk you through step by step the art of hiking and what I learned.

Right at the beginning, our tour guide, Mwaba, pulled us into a circle for a brief, and he said to us, “I want you to explore three things: yourself, your fellow hikers and your environment” I was like okay. Explore yourself.


When you decide to go on a hike, it is a full commitment. I know I jest a lot, but I was fully aware that no one could do the hike for me. I had to do this on my own. Just like no one can lose weight for you, or no one can get you out of debt. Nope you have to make a decision to follow through with behavioural changes and actions to achieving whatever task that has been set before you. However, before you set out to do any big project or make a major shift in your life, I want you to ask yourself this question:

Are you interested or are you committed? Patrice Washington