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AWV Masterclass with Khanya Sosibo

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

We were empowered in our AWV Masterclass, Marketing: It's Personal, with Media & Branding Coach, Khanya Sosibo.

Khanya is an Africana Woman with a creative and strategic state of mind. She is passionate about using media as a tool to empower African women and youth.

In this Masterclass, we learned the importance of creating a marketing strategy, what a marketing philosophy was and how to create one and much more!

There is so much we can mention but this quote says it all:

"Marketing makes your business thrive."- Khanya Sosibo

Each month we focus on one of the following topics: Mindset, your Client, your Product, Marketing, Finances and Leadership. Our goal is to build you as a leader and build your business. You can join this dynamic community today!

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